Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade Pilipinas: Crafting for Sustainable Development

And so it begins.

In an effort to inspire others as others have inspired me when I was starting out, I am launching a project called Handmade Pilipinas. Basically, the project entails a series of blog posts that deal with crafting as a viable source of income and crafting for sustainable development. I hope to post short articles discussing ideas on marketable craft projects you can do at home, DIY tutorials, inspiring stories from several professional crafters (aka people who make money off their crafting hobby), and practical business how-to's for the indiepreneur.

As of date, I have contacted several inspiring individuals whose stories may inspire you to start your own handmade adventure. Watch out for this series of interviews!  I have also written a series of Polymer Clay DIY tutorials and articles which will be released part by part over the coming months.

Please head over to my blog, Confessions of a Chronic Crafter.

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I am taking a break from creating stuff, I badly need to rest my fingers.  I had to make over 150 cupcakes plus the twilight stuff, my body's protesting. Hope you understand!  I won't be able to post new stuff until the end of January.

For those who were interested and have placed orders for the Twilight series, do not worry, I will try to finish everything soon.  If you no longer want your item, cancel your reservation so I may offer them to others.  If you still want your items, they're still reserved for you whether you have paid or not.

For those who have pending invitations, I have no time to go check the invites page right now, plus there are 1101 invites to go through, if you want to revoke the invite, it's okay and i'm sorry!

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a peaceful and blessed New Year!


Monday, December 1, 2008


I was very excited to upload twilight stuff today, unfortunately, my internet connection's really crappy! So I'm at a computer shop, trying to post photos, but their computer can't read my cam. Booo. :(

But the show must go on, so I am posting whatever's in my phone. I put irritating watermarks on some of the photos because the last time I posted Twilight stuff, people used the photos without crediting me!



Price: P220
Description: 1x1 inch pendants in different designs. All pendants will come with a bail attached (not seen on photo) so you can use them with any chain.
Designs available:

Bite Me
I Heart EC
Mrs Cullen
Do I dazzle you?
Be safe


16-inch sterling silver chain - add P200


Price: P700
Description: A charm necklace with "I heart EC" framed pendant (1.25 square inches) and a pewter grand piano hang on a 16-inch sterling silver chain.

Only 2 pieces available!

More items available, but no photos uploaded yet. Sorry about that, technical problems!

Here are a few teasers:

TWILIGHT PROMISE RING (2 available, 3 reserved)
Price: P100
Description: A white polymer clay band with a twilight quote from Edward, in Edward's handwriting.

I RUN WITH VAMPIRES RING (3 available, 2 reserved)
Price: P100
Description: A white polymer clay ring with the words "I run with vampires."

How to order the pendants:

1. Purchase the item from my etsy shop.
2. Pay through gcash or paypal.
3. Your order will be shipped out on December 10.

No etsy account? Simply sign up, it's free and easy.

How to order the rest of the items:

1. Since there are limited pieces available, simply post here to reserve.
2. Send gcash to 0915-561-5586.
3. Your order will be shipped on December 10.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight stuff available online

Start:     Dec 1, '08 5:30p
End:     Dec 28, '08
Please watch out for new Twilight items to be uploaded on December 1, Monday. Only very limited pieces available, so be sure to check them out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More cupcakes

All cupcakes for Ms. Joanna Gan-Garcia. More pics to be uploaded.

All 4 dozen are one of a kind, no two are alike!

SOLD, please don't ask if they're available.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini workshops!

It's the season for bazaars and holiday orders so I don't have time to teach my usual 10-hour extensive workshop. But a lot of you have been waiting for a new sked so I decided to prepare a new lesson plan for a shorter course.

Mini workshop: Miniature dessert charms for beginners (4 hours)

Learn to create yummy polymer clay dessert charms which can be used for jewelry or home accessories. Make basic cupcakes, lollipops, donuts, and a whole lot more. This workshop is all-inclusive and hands-on.

Small class size: only 4 slots available. Clay and meals are included.

2pm to 6pm
Nov 22, Saturday

For reservations please use our reservation form.
I'm just using my phone to browse right now, so replying to your inquiries is a bit complicated.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Updates, please read!

A few updates:
  • On invitations to become a contact -  I can't open the invites page, it freezes my laptop everytime I do so.  I hope to solve this problem soon so I can start accepting invites again.  But please do note that I can only do so many clicks a day. I hope you understand.  Please be patient.  I have over 1,000 invites to accept (but I'm sure most of those have probably been revoked already), so please do hang in there. 
  • On inquiries - I will get to your pm/email as soon as I can.  I was offline for too long, so things have piled up.  Askyummy's on leave.
  • On gcash payments - Please do send me a confirmation through email if you've sent a payment through gcash, I can't trace your payments without your email.
  • On "How the heck do I purchase a piece from you?" - I am out of anything for sale right now, terribly sorry.  I am just about to finish the Holiday Cupcake orders, and I hope to post new stuff within the week.  I make everything by hand, all by myself, so everything's one of a kind, or in limited editions - so it's hard to get hold of my stuff.
A simple request:
  • Please, please don't just get photos without permission.  If you bought the item from me, and just needed the photo to blog about it, no prob at all.  But I've found a few others using photos of my products without my knowledge, and posting it in their own sites without crediting me.  Your interest in my work is very much appreciated, but I will appreciate it even more if you ask before you save photos from my site, or at least credit me.
Thank you!

Meet the Beadlady

Who: Angeli Verzosa Sobrepena

What: Chocoholic, insomniac, bookworm, hermit, Martha Stewart-wannabe (except for the jail stint ha!)

Age: 23

Occupation: Full-time crafter, Part-time freelance writer, Occasional stylist

Favorite material: Polymer Clay, Fabric


"She Makes Clay Cool and Chic"

By Pam Pastor
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 17:35:00 04/29/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Twenty-three-year-old Angeli V. Sobrepena started like many young accessories designers—by stringing together beads bought from stores in Quiapo.

“I was making way more stuff than I could wear. Beading is addicting, so I found myself with too many necklaces, bracelets and, most especially, earrings! I loved making earrings! It’s ironic but my ears aren’t even pierced!”

But after a year, Sobrepena got bored. In the desire to be more creative, she started looking for unusual materials. She found a book that taught her how to make beads using polymer clay. Soon, she was hooked.

“I no longer had to content myself with the boring beads from the local bead shops. After years of research and trial and error, I now make my own beads.”

Polymer clay has given Angeli the creative freedom to make unique beads—including realistic-looking sweets.

“I can create beads inspired by anything under the sun! The material’s versatility has allowed me to create unusual pieces. And that uniqueness is what my brand is all about.”

The BS Development Communication graduate with a major in Development Journalism from UP Los BaƱos has been selling accessories under her brand Angeli’s Art Beads.

She painstakingly makes each bead by hand and so her customers can be sure that every piece they buy from Sobrepena is a masterpiece created by her.

“Our pieces are for the individual with discriminating taste, someone who has great attention to detail, someone who recognizes high-quality craftsmanship.”

Her all-time bestsellers are her cupcakes.

“People collect them. I can’t stop making them even if I wanted to. People request for them constantly and I don’t have the heart to turn down cupcake requests. Now, I have three different sizes—teeny tiny for kids, regular and giant. They’re so popular probably because my icing looks very realistic and very colorful, so they’re pleasing to the eye.”

She has her own appetite to thank for her creative ideas. “Most of the time, it is my being matakaw that gives me ideas. I love sweets, especially chocolate! Thus, my dessert collection,” says Sobrepena.

She recently launched two collections—Bitten (“It features realistic chocolate-covered truffles with bites”) and a still unnamed collection that features very intricate beads peppered with tiny flowers, vines and leaves.

Her Bitten collection was a big hit at a recent bazaar. “They thought I was giving out chocolate samples! I placed them on a cake stand, so they looked even more realistic. I’m a chocoholic—I need a dose of chocolate everyday! So Bitten is the answer to those days when you just can’t get your daily dose.”

Her customers also love her Poetry collection, which includes necklaces with chunky words written in script. Her Love Letter bracelets are also a big hit. “They have an envelope charm from which you can pull out a ‘secret’ message.”

Inspiring stories

More than the urge to be creative, the desire to help her parents is another strong factor for Sobrepena.

“I am inspired by rags-to-riches stories, like John Gokongwei’s. I’m not a rich kid, I have no capital, so stories like that make me believe I can do this. My parents serve as my motivation; I want this business to flourish so I can help with the expenses.”

There are countless young entrepreneurs on Multiply today, but Sobrepena knows she stands out.

“I don’t make what’s uso, instead I try to make something new, something surprising. I get bored easily, so I usually make one-of-a-kind pieces. My collections are one-time releases.”

“I always try to introduce something new to the market, something original. Once you post something on Multiply, the next thing you know, someone else is making a similar thing. So if you want to set your creations apart from everyone else’s, you constantly need to come up with something new. This way, by the time it gets cloned, you’re already on to a different design,” she adds.

Quality is something very important to Sobrepena. She doesn’t mind spending hours on a single creation.

“I also make sure that my pieces are sturdy, and will not crumble or break after some time. For every single cupcake I produce, there are probably two rejects which are actually okay-looking but are not to my standards. I see to it that all the details in my work are close to perfect. If you see my creations, you’ll notice how realistic they are. I’ve been doing this for five years now, so you can expect good quality.”

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Candy Fair 2008

web statisticsOn October 4, 2008, we set up shop at the Candy Fair in A. Venue, Makati.

Three letters: OMG.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ambush.

Of customers, that is. :)

Here is a quick rundown of what happened during that oh-so-exciting day aka the story of why I got sick, haha). Sorry, you won't see the usual cam-whoring photos like in my other bazaar albums. Hehe. I was too busy doing demos and attending customers, there simply was no time to ham it up for the camera!

Setting up
I wasn't familiar with the venue, so I wanted to be there early. But we got lost in Makati, (stupid me forgot the map at home) and I thought we were going to be late. After navigating the maze of one-way streets, we arrived at A.Venue in the nick of time.

When we got to the venue, I couldn't find my space in the selling area. My name wasn't where it was supposed to be. Oops. Good thing Ms. Mirelle helped me sort things out. Turned out I was given an uber cool spot at the DIY Corner! (Thank you so much Ms. Kriztel!)

I shared the DIY corner with the Face Painting company, and the Henna Tattoo artists. It was perfect, because I was going to do on-the-spot demos.

Our new stuff
We launched the much-awaited Twilight Collection at the fair.

Our new Daydream necklaces (whimsical cloud necklaces) were also on display.

We also had super cute friendship rings, yummy cakes and cupcake studs - forgot to take photos. :(

Here come the Candy Girls
I was quite worried because not one of my suki customers were able to come. Huhu. But I found out my worries were unfounded, because within an hour of opening, the Twilight Collection was almost all gone. Turned out lots of Candy girls were Twihards! lol. :)

I was alone during the first part of the fair, so I couldn't take pictures. I was in panic - imagine entertaining a throng of giddy girls all at the same time! I could hardly take a second to sit down. Soon, I was pretty dizzy.

At some point, a camera was in my face, and the cute event host was interviewing me. My fugly face was on the huge screen on stage. Eeeeek. He asked about my stuff, I talked about the new Twilight collection, and the realistic dessert trinkets on display. He asked the camera man to zoom in on the yummy Bitten truffle. After that, people were trooping to my Yummy Cart and asking to see the truffles. To take a bite. haha.

MTV and TV 5 cameras were taking shots of my wares, I forgot to ask what shows those were for.

I probably made lots of new clayaholics. Lol. The Sculpeyman's polymer clay bars were on display at my booth, and I was doing demos on how to make clay roses and lollipops. It was so nice to see lots of teens interested in clay.

The Yummy Cart
I have to say this again, my lolo is a genius! hehe. I love, love, love the Yummy Cart! And so did the Candy girls. :) A few of them whipped out their cameras and took photos of the booth. Some posed in groups in front of the cart and snapped away. It was funny!

The bands
The bands were awesome! But I couldn't pay attention because there were still some customers gathering around the booth even as the bands were playing. They had to scream over the racket to inquire, and I had to scream back the price. "P350 for the necklace!!!", lol.

By the end of it all, I went home very cold, very hoarse, but extremely happy. I got to meet lots of new people, met lots of multiply contacts, and hopefully, inspired a few teens to start a new hobby.

And oh, we sold almost everything we brought! yey! :)

My deepest thanks to Candy Mag, Ms. Denise Congco, Ms. Mia Custodio, Ms. Mirelle Quizon, and most especially to Ms. Kriztel Lorbes, who made the event such a huge success.

More photos of the crazy, crazy Candy Fair below.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The vampires are coming...

A couple of months ago, my cousin made a sleepless monster: me.

Knowing that I had a love affair with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in high school, she suggested I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

I didn't like the first book all that much, and in fact found it a bit childish (well, it's YA after all), but the second installment kept me engrossed, so I read the third, and the fourth (which I hated - I'm pretending book 3 was the last of the series, lol.).  For fear of turning this into a boring book review, I will only say this: 

I heart Jacob Black.

So a month ago, I made simple sketches of things I'd like to wear to be reminded of the kilig Bella-Jacob moments in the second book.  But my cuz suggested I make an entire collection.

So here's a preview of the Twilight Collection, inspired by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

Go Team Jacob!

To be fair (hehe), here's the Team Edward version:

Are you also a Twi-hard?  Or do you know someone who loves the series?  Please visit our Yummy Cart at the Candy Fair tomorrow, these Twilight-inspired clay accessories will be displayed there.  Only limited pieces available.

Candy Fair 2008!

Start:     Oct 4, '08 1:00p
End:     Oct 4, '08 9:00p
Location:     A. Venue along Makati Ave.

Please look for our yummy cart, near the Jail Booth, lol. :p

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Fair 2008!

We had such a blast at the Candy Fair last year that we decided to join again this year.  Please visit our booth, lots of new stuff will be launched tomorrow.

For directions on how to get there, please click on the image below:

See you there!

Thanks to Ms. Kriztel and Ms. Mirelle of Summit Media.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Start:     Oct 5, '08
End:     Oct 10, '08
Another writing/styling raket, please don't disturb.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Studio time

Start:     Sep 25, '08
End:     Oct 3, '08
Conducting experiments, lol.

please do not disturb. :)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

12 for 12: The Big Christmas Cupcake Sale

Start:     Sep 22, '08
End:     Sep 30, '08
A Dozen for December

Get 12 cupcake pendants for P250 each.

12 for 12

A Dozen for December (12 for 12)

Get at least 12 cupcake pendants
for P250 each.

Assorted flavors.
All regular-sized.
All pendants will come gift-boxed.

Accepting orders only until September 30, 2008.

Get your orders in early, my powers are limited. hehe.

Assorted flavors meaning I choose what goes into your package. But you can tell me what colors you prefer, and I will make approximations. Rest assured, everything will be super cute.

We accept BPI deposit, Gcash transfer, Paypal, and Credit Card payments.

How to order:
1. Send me an email ( with your Full Name, Multiply ID, Complete Address, Mobile Number, and list of preferred flavors/colors.
2. I will reply with an invoice and payment details.
3. Send the payment through BPI or Gcash, or pay through Paypal or Credit Card.
4. Your orders will be shipped 4 weeks after payment is received.

1. Why do you (Angeli) get to choose the flavors for me?
Please give me some artistic freedom, I really do not like making bulk orders. So giving me the freedom to create flavors is a good compromise for you and me. I get to play with the combinations, and you get a bulk-order discount. :)

2. Why the sudden sale?
I want to take a really loooong vacation so I can be with my family this October, then get on with playing with my new material the following months. I want to release new stuff by January next year. And this is not sudden, it was planned a month ago.

3. Can you please add a chain?
You have two choices for the chain:
a. Add P50 per chain for the USA-made ballchain. 28 to 30 inches long.
b. Add P150 per chain for the sterling silver chain. 16 inches long.

4. I want to avail of this promo, but I haven't saved up yet...
I don't normally do this, but for this promo, I accept "2-gives"! Hahaha. Pay 50% by September 30. Then pay the remaining 50% by October 18. Ship out will be on the week of Oct. 20. I'll be on vacation na after that. Yey!

5. How much is the shipping?
Still the same, even for 12 boxes. :) P75 Luzon, P85 Visayas, P95 Mindanao.

6. Isip pa ako ng FAQ, hehe.

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Shipping Christmas Cupcakery orders...

Start:     Sep 24, '08

1. Ms. C. Sioco (2 boxes)
2. Ms. M.S. (5 boxes)
3. Ms. V. Garcia (2 boxes)

Next scheduled ship out is on Friday. Please send me an email if your name's not included.

A Christmas Announcement

Happy Monday!

A Christmas announcement:

I have decided. 

I'm going on vacation really early (for my bi-annual trip back home), and I'm trying to get three months off so I can start working with the new materials I ordered January this year (i'm itching to start hardcore jewelry work!).

So what better way to get those Christmas orders in early than hold a big holiday sale?

A Dozen Cupcakes
For December

Get 12 cupcake pendants
for P250 each.

Assorted flavors.
All pendants will come gift-boxed.

Get your orders in today 'til Sept. 30.

For more info, please click here.

web statisticsweb stats

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shipping Christmas Cupcakery orders, etc....

Start:     Sep 22, '08 the following people:

1. Ms. Nicole D. (15 boxes)
2. Ms. H. Padilla (1 box)
3. Ms. Sarah Tan (5 boxes)
4. Ms. V. Enoy (1 box)
5. Ms. Micheline Tan (3 boxes)
6. Ms. Tina Romana (1 box)
7. Ms. April S. (8 boxes)


Next ship out is on Wednesday. Please contact me through if your name is not here. Thank you!

Inquirer 2bu April 2008

This is a super delayed post. I finally got scans of the Inquirer feature.

To read the article online, visit

Super thanks to Pam Pastor!

Photos by Rudy Asperas, shot mid-April.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Vacation/Business Trip

Start:     Oct 23, '08
End:     Nov 15, '08

Cosmo September

Someone told me she saw my stuff in Cosmo this month, so I hurriedly scanned this month's issue... and found my coasters on page 218!

Big thanks to the writer!

Photo of coasters taken by Ocs Alvarez, styled by Gwyn Guanzon.

Also featured in Real Living October 2006, and August 2007.

Seventeen September

Yey, my teeny tiny shoe necklace is on Seventeen! And the mini havies too!

Big thanks to Ms. Tisha Alvarez of Seventeen mag.

Angeli's Art Beads for Smart Parenting

A few months ago, I was asked to write/style a DIY article for Smart Parenting mag. It was such a fun and crazy shoot, what with three super hyper kids, and uber fun DIY projects! And here it is at last!

Here are snapshots of the feature. The article's about pretend-play activities you can easily do at home. It's filled with crafty projects and DIY stuff.

Please see page 40 of SP's September issue for a full-page DIY polymer clay project you can do with your kids.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Studio Time

Start:     Sep 16, '08
End:     Sep 18, '08
Gotta finish cupcake orders, etc.

And make stuff for the upcoming bazaars.

Gifts for the twi-hard

Any other twi-hards (twilight diehards) out there?

Lookie lookie what we made! The Twilight Collection features our favorite quotes from the Saga, charms to represent favorite characters, and a whole lot more.

I was looking for the perfect opportunity to release these, and we decided to launch them at the Candy Fair on October 4.

Please visit our booth, very limited Twilight pieces available.

These and lots more available at the Candy Fair!

A. Venue, Makati
1pm to 9pm

Just look for our Yummy Cart!
To those who were requesting, I will NOT be making photo-transferred charms of the book cover. Let us respect the copyright of other artists.
web stats

UPDATE (Nov 3, 08)

These will be available for online purchase soon. Release date will be announced in my calendar. Please watch out, thanks!

Request from a busy bee

It's been a crazy, crazy, couple of weeks, and I can't seem to keep up with all the to-do's.  The past weeks have been really busy, what with the sudden surge in inquiries and requests.

To everyone who has pm'd, emailed, and inquired, please give me some time to get back on track.  I don't think I'll have the time to answer multiply inquiries and comments one by one, so I'll post another series of FAQs soon.

I have a bit of a backlog of orders right now, because everyone seems to want new cupcakes! (No complaint here, hehe).  But my fingers are swollen from all the kneading and molding.

Plus there's no one to take care of shipping (ie making of boxes), and I have more than 10 orders to ship out (that's more than 30 boxes) this week.  As you know, everything at Angeli's Art Beads is handmade.  Even the special boxes!

This is driving me nuts. I am making cupcakes and boxes as quick as I can.  So please hang in there!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photoshoot for a magazine

Start:     Sep 16, '08
Makeup tips anyone? I still don't know how to put makeup on, and it's DIY for me, they're not bringing a stylist. huhu.

Portfolio: Gallery of my old work

I came across my old files a few months ago - pictures of the stuff I've been making since I started beading. Some of my students were curious, and wanted to see my old work, so I'm trying to catalog them here.

If you've bought an item from my GT and ebay days, I hope you can send me a pic. :) Please help! I'm still trying to search for pics. My old PictureTrail account's been deleted because of inactivity, sayang!

I've noticed, almost all of my past works are blue. And the photography's kadiri! I didn't own a camera, so I scanned my work through a computer scanner, ang hirap!

Bigger, better, clay roses

We came out with tiny rose rings and colorful rose cuffs. Now here are bigger roses to adorn your neck.

These roses are completely handmade. No cutters or molds were used, each petal was individually molded by hand.

Nagsugat fingers ko kakagawa, huhu.

The ones pictured here are 1-inch pendants that hang on a 16-inch sterling silver chain. (Photos taken at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar by Achie Joyce of BBB)

Want one for yourself? Please visit the Global Pinoy Bazaar this weekend, our items will be at the Baubles, Bangles n Beads booth.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

St. James Bazaar

Start:     Nov 29, '08
End:     Nov 30, '08
Location:     ayala alabang village, muntinlupa
biggest bazaar in the south.... see you all there!

Studio time

Start:     Sep 8, '08 06:00a
End:     Sep 11, '08
'Tis the season of shopping frenzy, so i'll be cooped up in my studio most of the time, making lots of new trinkets.

If you wanna buy, visit us at the events listed in my calendar.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Global Pinoy Bazaar

Start:     Sep 20, '08
End:     Sep 21, '08
Location:     Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall
We'll be at the BBB booth!

Pinoy Woodstock

Start:     Sep 19, '08 4:30p
End:     Sep 19, '08 11:00p
Location:     Cervini Field, Ateneo de Manila University
Woodstock is a major event of the Ateneo Musician’s Pool ((aMp)) which aims to promote the Filipino youth talent in music, film, art and merchandise.

It is a fair where people can rock to the bands performing on stage, watch a short film about the Filipino culture in between sets, eat and drink classic Filipino delicacies and street foods, shop for necessities and whims in the night bazaar, and observe the diverse art exhibitions.

It is one whole get-together of artists of different media and styles, and the audience who patronize their art. But most importantly, it is a celebration of the Filipino and his colorful culture.

Hot cocoa release

Start:     Sep 5, '08
Watch out for new flavors in the Christmas Cupcakery.

Rockwell Urban Bazaar

Start:     Sep 12, '08
End:     Sep 14, '08
Location:     Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall
Please visit BBB's booth, our Yummy Trinkets will be there!

Studio time

Start:     Sep 1, '08
End:     Sep 5, '08
I'll be locked up in my craft studio, making new trinkets like a mad scientist.

Please do not disturb muna. :)

I won't get anything done if i just stay online...

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Christmas Cupcakery

View 'em here.

The Christmas Cupcakery

The Ber months are here!

Every Friday this season, I will be posting new cupcake flavors for your Christmas list.

Here are three new flavors:

Strawberries n Creamsold out already
Realistic strawberry slices peek out of a light, creamy frosting.

Cookies n Cream
A yummy cheesecake flavor with cream cheese butter frosting topped with cookie bits, chocolate shavings, with white chocolate and dark chocolate drizzles.

Mint n Chocolate Sprinkles
Yummy mint frosting with chocolate sprinkles in shades of brown and pink.

And back by popular demand:

Surprise Party
Our bestseller. This cupcake features sprinkles in every color of the rainbow, with a cherry on top.

Mistletoe series
Teeny tiny sprinkles form a flower motif that remind you of a mistletoe.

No need to reserve! These are made to order.

P350 pendant only
P400 necklace

How to order:
Simply send us an email ( with a list of your orders, and your details:
Full name
Multiply ID
Mobile number
Complete address

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Love Roses Cuff
The rose cuff is Angeli's new polymer clay creation. The roses here are made to perfection, and I love the two-tone touch. Classy!

I've Fallen For You Cuff
I first got my rose cuff from and Angeli is very creative imagine she made my cuff out of clay...


Hi everyone!

We've been offline since Thursday as I have been preparing for the workshops, and finishing up Cupcakery orders. 

I was overwhelmed when I opened my inboxes today!  Thank you for all the personal messages and emails, I will try to answer each one in the coming days.  (Askyummy's on leave, family emergency.)

  • I am boycotting Air21.  I don't want to rant here, because I don't want to start a neverending blog (I know I'm not the only one irked with them).  Instead, I will pm those whose packages are affected.
  • I'm probably switching to Xend and JRS.  But I'm not sure yet, they don't exactly have spotless delivery records.

New FAQs
It's funny how often we've been getting these questions lately:

1.  Are you and askyummy one and the same?
Answer: A big NO.  How funny!  I can't even manage one multiply account properly, why would I complicate things by creating another one in the pretense that it belongs to a different person?  lol. :)  Some workshop participants have met her already, so no, she's not a figment of my imagination! hehe.

2. Why can't you reply quickly?
Answer:  Terribly sorry about this one! I spend most of my time in my craft room, making like a mad scientist.  I do a lot of experiments, and that's how I come up with new stuff.  You can't imagine the lengths I go through to master this craft - when I start one project, i get obsessed.  I want all the details to be polished before I release the new item.  That's why I have askyummy, and if she's not around, the FAQ's posted are there to help you out.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not seeing any new items?

Most of my new posts are for contacts only.  When adding us up, please leave a message to introduce yourself. :) 

please add too.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainbows in the rain...

Start:     Aug 20, '08 7:00p
End:     Aug 23, '08
New batch of cuffs will be released this Wednesday!

Strawberries N Cream release

Start:     Aug 26, '08 7:00p
End:     Aug 29, '08
New flavors available online on Tuesday, August 26.

Clay cuffs - SOLD OUT

Add a punch of color to dreary rainy days with colorful clay cuffs! Each bracelet features an explosion of handmade clay roses on a textured clay band.

You saw it first on Angeli's Art Beads!

FIRST FIVE PHOTOS not available. Those have either been sold at the Rockwell bazaar or on Etsy.

The following are available:


These are reserved:

Black Roses Are Forever
No, black is not death. Instead, it means devotion. This cuff features three black roses on an exquisite gold band.
Reserved for Miss B

Mixed Emotions
An explosion of colors to say everything you feel. Orange for desire, pink for happiness, and blue for mystery. And the green? You decide. Roses adorn a blushing pink and gold textured band.
Reserved for Miss Rosechick

I've Fallen For You
Purples mean "I'm falling in love with you". This cuff features five roses in varying shades of pink and purple on a bright apple green textured cuff.
Reserved for Ms Bianca
How to purchase:

1. Reserve the item by replying to this album. Simply indicate the name of the cuff you want.
2. Email me at with your full name, multiply id, complete address, mobile number, and of course the item you want to purchase.
3. I will email you payment details.

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