Monday, June 9, 2008

Toy Con 2008

Start:     Jun 14, '08 10:00a
End:     Jun 15, '08
Location:     Megatrade Hall 2 & 3, SM Megamall
You are invited to:
The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention
Event date: June 14-15, 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall

Please visit The Sculpeyman's booth! We will have a few stuff there. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Start:     Jun 5, '08
End:     Jun 19, '08
I have to give my back and wrist a rest, they're killing me. Two weeks rest raw. Hope you understand.

email me at or, we'll reply when we can. (askyummy's busy with her hectic day job)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

answers to FAQs posted!

Nababaliw na kami ni askyummy sa inquiries, so we prepared this folder na, for everyone's convenience. :)  Click, click, click below! :)





Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Answers to FAQ's

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a special type of clay that hardens in the oven. It is a color-fast medium, meaning the colors will remain true years after. It is also lightweight, making it a suitable inclusion to jewelry.

There are different brands and types of polymer clay, but we use only the most durable brands. The clay that we use is jewelry-grade: very strong and can withstand everyday use.

I forgot to take off my polymer clay ring before swimming!

If the piece is entirely made of polymer clay (like our clay rings), there’s no need to worry. Our polymer clay pieces are water-resistant. However, if the piece has metal in it, you have to be careful to keep it away from moisture. Even gold or sterling silver will be damaged by salt water or chlorinated water.

Will it break?

Our polymer clay pieces are made with the highest quality, jewelry-grade polymer clay. Before we ship out our pieces, we test them out by throwing them across the room to see if they’ll break. Seriously.

So they won’t break with normal everyday wear. They won’t break if you accidentally drop them.

But as they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way: when you forcefully try to break it with a hammer, or tug on thin pieces with force, say goodbye to your precious clay piece.

For tips on caring for your polymer clay pieces, read here.

I use my cupcake necklace everyday, and noticed that it’s now a bit soiled. Can I clean it?

Baked polymer clay pieces are easy to clean. For tips on caring for your pieces, read here.

Is polymer clay the same as air-dry clay?

No, it is not. I get this question all the time, so let me enlighten you. Polymer clay is oven-bake clay. The heat from the oven bonds the particles of the clay together, making it very strong (the strength, of course, depends on the brand you use). On the other hand, air-dry clay hardens after the moisture has evaporated.

Polymer clay is water-resistant (again, this depends on the brand you use), air-dry clay is water-soluble. This means that if you want to use air-dry clay for jewelry, you need to coat it with a water-resistant sealer, so that moisture from your skin won’t react to it.

Please refer to the info below (by clicking on the photos) before sending us an email. The answer to your question might already be posted. :)


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Polymer Clay Workshops: Reservation Forms

Created by hand by Ms. Rhea, Batch 5.

Please fill out the form if you want to reserve a slot for the upcoming workshops.

Please do note that submission of the form will only reserve the slot for you for 24 hours. A non-refundable down payment of P1,000 is required to confirm your slot. Remaining balance will collected on the day of the workshop.

Refer to this page for answers to FAQs:

If the date you want to attend is fully booked already, you can choose to be waitlisted for that date by submitting the form below.

New schedules:

Jul 27 - Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners

Aug 3 - Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners

For course outline and rates, please contact Please do not reserve a slot unless you have read the course outline, to avoid miscommunication.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

One Morning guesting (May 27, 2008)

Super aga ng call time (6am, I am not a morning person!), but we got there on time! What an accomplishment! Hah!

The interview was kinda long (for a TV segment, 8 minutes is long!), so I got to discuss a lot about my work and the workshops. Pero halatang walang energy ako, super hina ng voice.

Aired live on NBN 4, IBC 13, and RPN 9.

Thanks to the mababait na staff and writers! :)

Sorry if I haven't replied... bed rest! (New polymer clay workshop skeds posted)

I'm supposed to be taking a time off from beading and typing, pero maraming kelangang sagutin... To everyone who sent pm's and emails, i can't keep up! Sorry, I can't reply yet.  Please be assured that we will attend to you when I am better. 

And oh, thanks to all the well-wishers! :) 

New polymer clay workshop skeds for June, as promised:

June 20 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop:  Making Realistic Miniature Food
June 22 (Sunday) -  Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners Batch 8
June 27 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop: Effective Phototransfer Techniques
June 29 (Sunday) - Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners Batch 9

Course outlines for advanced classes are already prepared, but not yet available to be emailed out dahil di pa nakaformat, nakakaduling. :)

TO RESERVE A SLOT (for sure reservations only), please fill out this form.
TO REQUEST INFO (course outline and rates), email

Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners

Start:     Jun 29, '08 09:00a
1 slot left.

TO RESERVE A SLOT (for sure reservations only), please fill out this form.

TO REQUEST FOR INFO (course outline and rates, please email

Answers to FAQ's will be posted later, sorry mahina ang kalaban.

Advanced Workshop: Phototransfer Techniques

Start:     Jun 27, '08 09:00a
You've tried it yourself, but you just can't do it right. Image not crisp? Image a bit faded? Can't transfer colored images?

Learn numerous techniques to transfer photos on clay, and know my foolproof techniques.

TO RESERVE A SLOT (for sure reservations only), please fill out this form.

Answers to FAQ's will be posted later, sorry mahina ang kalaban.
All materials included.

3 slots.

Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners

Start:     Jun 22, '08 09:00a
All slots reserved.

(Ms. Jenyh, Ms. Hanna, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. lm)

TO BE WAITLISTED (for sure reservations only), please fill out this form.

Answers to FAQ's here.

Advanced Workshop: Realistic Miniature Food

Start:     Jun 20, '08 09:00a
Ever wondered how I make the realistic cupcake frostings, cake icings (with the realistic piped texture) and textures on my truffles and ice cream? Join our Realistic Miniature Food workshop and wonder no more.

No, we do not use the expensive liquid clay! We use a cheaper method that offers better results.

Learn cost-effective, time-tested techniques.

3 slots.

All slots reserved for Ms. Pars, Ms. Ghie, and Ms. Bang for now.