Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Angeli's Art Beads is on Flair in the City!
"Shopify because chic fashion is a lifestyle"

Thank you to Ms. Angel!

Yummy parfait charms RESERVATIONS CLOSED

As requested by my suki, Ms. B. :)

The tiny parfait charm is 1.25inch tall.

You can create your own flavors!

Step 1: Choose your ice cream layers
Step 2: Choose your toppings (whipped cream is already included)

How to order:

I'll tell you if kaya ng powers ko yung gusto niyo. hehe. Hindi na kaya ng powers ko! Custom orders now closed.

In the picture, i've chosen strawberry and vanilla for Ms. B's ice cream layers, then i topped it off with whipped cream, a tiny strawberry, choco shavings, and a champola stick. click the photo to see a larger pic.

Have fun creating your own flavors! :)


Angeli's Art Beads now available in Oz!

Angeli's Art Beads is traveling to Australia!

... only the beads that is, Angeli not included.

If you're from down under, you can contact:

The Regent
+61 416 542 859

Limited pieces only, so go grab 'em now!  (They're arriving tomorrow.)

I have 92 pm's and emails to answer, pls bear with me

I'm inching my way down the list of people to answer, so please bear with me.

I'll get to your message as soon as possible.

And dun sa mga nagtatampo dahil hindi ko raw inaapprove yung invitation as contact, i'm not ignoring you.  i simply have a lot of invites to accept and iniisa isa ko po. pahintay lang po.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Global Pinoy Bazaar October 21

Start:     Oct 21, '07
Location:     Rockwell Tent
What better way to express Pinoy Pride than to support Filipino artists and designers?

On October 21, be at the Rockwell Tent to witness the creativity and ingenuity of proud Pinoys, young and old alike.

Let's create a community of entrepreneurs, designers and product developers uniquely showcasing PINOY INGENUITY and taking PRIDE in being a FILIPINO.

Ikalat ang tsismis: Support and Buy PINOY Products on October 21, 2007 !

We'll be at Booths 22 and 23 with BBB.

Rose's Growing Collection - Cupcake With NO Extra Calories
Rose is fond of my tiny cupcakes! I remember how she boxed out everyone else at the past trunkshow in GGS to get her choco frost. Then she absolutely wanted to have unique pieces, so she concocted her own flavors. So I created a yummy blueberry cupcake for her, with whipped cream and blueberry syrup. She also has a purple cupcake with cute pink crisscross drizzles. super cute!

At Home Ka Dito June 24 - Unedited and uncut version

This was taped last June 14 at Pacific Islander Bar in Tomas Morato.

Ngarag ako kasi i wasn't able to sleep the night before. I had to make pieces pa since i didn't have a lot of ready-made products to show. i didn't have time to make!

Buti nalang fafa Marco was there on the shoot to help me out, kasi i was in panic-mode again.

The first time i saw Charlene at the location, i just stared. I approached her, and just stared. lol! must have been hilarious! Siya pa ang naunang nag-hi!

Charlene: hi!
Me: (wide smile, walang imik)
Writer: This is Angeli, siya ang gagawa ng project natin today.
Charlene: Wow!
Me: (still walang imik)
Charlene: I love your necklace! Did you make that too?
Me: Yes.... (silence)
Charlene: Galing! I love it!

I'm sure i muttered "hi" in there somewhere. lol!

Notice my space-out moments. hehehe. there were 2 cameras, so i didn't know where to look. i simply stared at the table instead! hihihi.

After the shoot, Charlene said, "Alam mo type ko talaga yang necklace mo. Bagay pa sa suot ko." As much as i wanted to, I couldn't give it to her kasi it was just a prototype, hastily made the night before. I simply TIED together the chains, instead of attaching them properly with links, so i was afraid it could fall apart even before she could get it around her neck. So I said I'd customize for her nalang.

So I'm making a poetry necklace for her, and and Id necklace for Ms. Marjorie (she can't be seen in this clip, coz Marco had to stay in one corner and couldn't move around). Hopefully, it'll help spread the word about my jewelry. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now accepting credit card payments through Xoom!

If you are an international buyer, or a local customer who wants to pay via credit card, you can now pay for your orders through credit card or Paypal powered by Xoom!

Only for orders worth $25 (or its peso-equivalent) and up though.

Same process for placing your orders:

1.  Send me complete list of orders.  Indicate that you're paying through Xoom.
2.  I'll confirm if your orders are available.
3.  I'll send you a secure link where you can process your payment through Xoom.

Xoom has the following charges for each transaction (in dollars):

Amount to be sent

Service charge

I'm not getting a single cent from that service charge ha, it's all going to xoom.  The fees are kinda steep for local buyers, i know, but i'm sure the service will come in handy come gift-giving season (when you're out of moolah, but need to play Santa).

Got any questions?  Email me at or visit

If I haven't replied yet...

...pakikulit ako sa  I will check as soon as i get the chance.  Wag po muna magtext, i wouldn't be able to reply. please email nalang po. thank you!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Guesting on At Home Ka Dito

Start:     Jun 24, '07 10:30a
Sunday, June 24
10:30 am
Channel 2

I'm going on cam with Charlene Gonzales and Marjorie Baretto. I'm sure mukha na naman akong uhaw dito, but what the hell, panoorin niyo pa rin. hehe. I don't know how to put makeup on e, so i went without nalang.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Angeli's Art Beads is on Metro

Please check out the Metro section of

Thank you so much Ms. Bea Acosta.

The poetry collection

I'm designing a new collection called Poetry.

Watch out for it next week.  Click on the pic to see a bigger photo.

You saw it here first on Angeli's Art Beads!

I'm so excited about this collection!  Ms. Charlene Gonzales liked a similar necklace I was wearing yesterday and ordered one for herself. yey!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clay studs - finally!

A lot of you have been requesting for studs. Here they are. :) All made out of polymer clay. Even the cameo! :)

Prices are in the captions.


Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm not ignoring you...

I'm in the bermuda triangle (read: hindi macontact)

Sorry if i'm so hard to contact these days.  My internet connection is having problems (smart says it's because of my antenna???) and my phone can't receive calls.  Please email me through

If you've sent me a personal message here in multiply, or you've left a note somewhere in my albums, and I haven't replied, please don't think I'm ignoring you.  I can be such a klutz, so sometimes I miss your message, or I've read it but i get disconnected, then forget to reply when i reconnect.  I get almost 3 pages of personal messages a day, so it's kinda hard to manage.

Please contact me through  I'll try to respond as soon as possible.

New stuff coming!

Yes, there's no "soon" attached to that statement.  I'm playing it safe because "soon" to me might not be soon enough for you. For those who have been religiously checking my site for new uploads, thank you so much.  I'll let you in on a secret: I've been working with a new material these past few weeks, something a little less mainstream.  Supermarco, the best bf in the world, has been helping me out, and we're both excited about the new stuff.  It's tedious work, but it's so much fun to create.  It doesn't feel like work at all!  But I tell you, it's really a test for my patience, because it's not instant gratification. I have to wait, and wait, and wait some more before the beads are ready.  Then I have to do the finishing touches after the long wait. It's a looooong process. But I know it will be worth it. Have i intrigued you yet? :)

Monday, June 4, 2007


What happens when you combine washi and polymer clay? You get cute kimono necklaces! :)

Each kimono is handmade. The washi is sealed so it is waterproof, so sweat all you want. The pendants hang from a 28-inch gold plated ball chain. They come in pretty little boxes! :)

More "fabrics" coming soon. :)

Dimensions: Kimono is 2 inches tall, chain is 28 inches long.

Want something more special? Convert this into an art doll! :) like this:


Make Love Not War OUT OF STOCK

Get seriously whimsical with these fun toy soldier necklaces! (Pics show pendants only). Inspired by the animated film of my childhood, Toy Story. These lovable soldiers come in green and tan, with a red polymer clay heart.

SOLD as necklaces with a 28 inch dogtag chain. All Angeli's Art Beads items come in a cute box. :)

Dimensions: Soldier is almost 2-inch tall. Chain is 28 inches long.
Price: P250
Colors: Available in army green or tan
Material: Polymer clay heart and plastic soldier

Saturday, June 2, 2007

At Home Ka Dito June 3

Angeli's Art Bead's photo transfer jewelry on At Home Ka Dito. Also with BBB.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Posting of new stuff

Start:     Jun 4, '07
Watch out for new collections on Monday. Mark your calendars!

Deadline for June orders

Start:     Jun 15, '07
Cutoff for June orders is on June 15. Please finalize your orders and settle your accounts on or before the said date.

This batch will be shipped off between July 6 to 15.

Back online!

I've been having trouble with my internet connection for the past two weeks. FINALLY, someone from smart came over today to do some trouble shooting. Now I'm back online, yey!

I decided to change my theme too.  Hope you like the new cheerful pink and green motif.

Will get to your pm's as soon as possible.  I have to check over 60 pm's and more than 300 invites, so please be patient. 

I'm starting to accept new orders again for June, but I won't start working on them until next weekend, after I've shipped off all May orders.

Deadline for June orders is June 15.  Will be posting lots of new stuff on Monday!  Mark your calendars!

And oh, I created a new email add for this site.  You can now email me through - your daily guide to celebrity style & shopping!

If you're dying to pull off the latest hollywood celebrity look, check out this ezine:

It's so much fun to browse the tons of pictures. It's better than a magazine coz it gets updated regularly!

I was featured on Sa Pulso (QTV)

This was aired last Monday, May 28.

My mini mannequin is on Real Living's cover (june 2007 ish)!
Yey! It's so exciting to see one of my stuff on the cover of a magazine! It's also featured in the Entertaining section. Check out Real Living this month!

Thanks to Ms. Tisha Alvarez and Coni Tejada of RL. :)