Friday, August 29, 2008

The Christmas Cupcakery

View 'em here.

The Christmas Cupcakery

The Ber months are here!

Every Friday this season, I will be posting new cupcake flavors for your Christmas list.

Here are three new flavors:

Strawberries n Creamsold out already
Realistic strawberry slices peek out of a light, creamy frosting.

Cookies n Cream
A yummy cheesecake flavor with cream cheese butter frosting topped with cookie bits, chocolate shavings, with white chocolate and dark chocolate drizzles.

Mint n Chocolate Sprinkles
Yummy mint frosting with chocolate sprinkles in shades of brown and pink.

And back by popular demand:

Surprise Party
Our bestseller. This cupcake features sprinkles in every color of the rainbow, with a cherry on top.

Mistletoe series
Teeny tiny sprinkles form a flower motif that remind you of a mistletoe.

No need to reserve! These are made to order.

P350 pendant only
P400 necklace

How to order:
Simply send us an email ( with a list of your orders, and your details:
Full name
Multiply ID
Mobile number
Complete address

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Love Roses Cuff
The rose cuff is Angeli's new polymer clay creation. The roses here are made to perfection, and I love the two-tone touch. Classy!

I've Fallen For You Cuff
I first got my rose cuff from and Angeli is very creative imagine she made my cuff out of clay...


Hi everyone!

We've been offline since Thursday as I have been preparing for the workshops, and finishing up Cupcakery orders. 

I was overwhelmed when I opened my inboxes today!  Thank you for all the personal messages and emails, I will try to answer each one in the coming days.  (Askyummy's on leave, family emergency.)

  • I am boycotting Air21.  I don't want to rant here, because I don't want to start a neverending blog (I know I'm not the only one irked with them).  Instead, I will pm those whose packages are affected.
  • I'm probably switching to Xend and JRS.  But I'm not sure yet, they don't exactly have spotless delivery records.

New FAQs
It's funny how often we've been getting these questions lately:

1.  Are you and askyummy one and the same?
Answer: A big NO.  How funny!  I can't even manage one multiply account properly, why would I complicate things by creating another one in the pretense that it belongs to a different person?  lol. :)  Some workshop participants have met her already, so no, she's not a figment of my imagination! hehe.

2. Why can't you reply quickly?
Answer:  Terribly sorry about this one! I spend most of my time in my craft room, making like a mad scientist.  I do a lot of experiments, and that's how I come up with new stuff.  You can't imagine the lengths I go through to master this craft - when I start one project, i get obsessed.  I want all the details to be polished before I release the new item.  That's why I have askyummy, and if she's not around, the FAQ's posted are there to help you out.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not seeing any new items?

Most of my new posts are for contacts only.  When adding us up, please leave a message to introduce yourself. :) 

please add too.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainbows in the rain...

Start:     Aug 20, '08 7:00p
End:     Aug 23, '08
New batch of cuffs will be released this Wednesday!

Strawberries N Cream release

Start:     Aug 26, '08 7:00p
End:     Aug 29, '08
New flavors available online on Tuesday, August 26.

Clay cuffs - SOLD OUT

Add a punch of color to dreary rainy days with colorful clay cuffs! Each bracelet features an explosion of handmade clay roses on a textured clay band.

You saw it first on Angeli's Art Beads!

FIRST FIVE PHOTOS not available. Those have either been sold at the Rockwell bazaar or on Etsy.

The following are available:


These are reserved:

Black Roses Are Forever
No, black is not death. Instead, it means devotion. This cuff features three black roses on an exquisite gold band.
Reserved for Miss B

Mixed Emotions
An explosion of colors to say everything you feel. Orange for desire, pink for happiness, and blue for mystery. And the green? You decide. Roses adorn a blushing pink and gold textured band.
Reserved for Miss Rosechick

I've Fallen For You
Purples mean "I'm falling in love with you". This cuff features five roses in varying shades of pink and purple on a bright apple green textured cuff.
Reserved for Ms Bianca
How to purchase:

1. Reserve the item by replying to this album. Simply indicate the name of the cuff you want.
2. Email me at with your full name, multiply id, complete address, mobile number, and of course the item you want to purchase.
3. I will email you payment details.

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Monday, August 4, 2008