Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm inviting you to a free SHOPPING FORUM


I'm inviting everyone, both sellers and shopper alike, to please joing Online Shops PH.  It's at http://onlineshopsph.proboards92.com

It's a free online forum where you can post your wares, or shop online.This forum was created in light of the "mass exodus" from multiply, where most of us have setup shop.

This forum aims to be an alternative venue where we can all post our wares, keep in touch, and network - much like what we were used to here in multiply.  Though you can't post pictures, you can post links to your new online shops.  People can reply to your posts too.

All buyers and sellers are expected to be responsible for their own actions. Always be alert when transacting. Beware of scammers or bogus buyers.

This forum still lacks a lot of categories and boards right now, and admin will work on it as we go along. Admin will also come up with rules to make online shopping here in the forum pleasant for both buyers and sellers.

Please don't forget to post a link in your websites. Our new home is here at http://onlineshopsph.proboards92.com

The URL is a bit long, so to save yourselves the trouble, bookmark this site!

Spread the word about Online Shops PH!

More power to Pinoy ecommerce!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Angelis Art Beads - Funky Polymer Clay Jewelry

My new home on the web. Please sign up for an account there so you'll continue to get updates about Angeli's Art Beads.

Just in case this account gets deleted, you'll know where to find me. this one's temporary lang though, until i can get an official site up and running using my own domain name.

In case this account gets deleted...

Please go to http://angeli.vstore.ca.

There have been talks of a wipeout of stores here in multiply.  Several seller accounts have already been deleted, without prior notice.

So please visit my new site at http://angeli.vstore.ca and and SIGN UP.  It's a free online commerce site which allows customers to create personal accounts.  The site is empty for now, but i will start uploading the pictures this week.

Also, please send me your contact info (mobile number, email ad) through angelisartbeads@gmail.com.

Thank you dear customers, and i hope to see you at vstore.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Now available at Peppered Cherry

No more waiting for 4 weeks to get your cupcakes!  Troop over to Peppered Cherry at Serendra, and grab one of my delish cupcake necklaces.  Same price as online, so you'll save on shipping!  Hurry, only very few pieces available.

Also available are a few washi earrings, a couple of altered art necklaces, and some cutie mannequins. :-)

Peppered Cherry is at 2/F Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rockwell Urban Market

Start:     Aug 18, '07 10:00a
End:     Aug 19, '07
Location:     Rockwell Powerplant Mall - Tent outside Zara
Finally, the bazaar we've all been waiting for. After the success of last summer's Urban Market Bazaar, Angeli's Art Beads is joining the bazaar again this August!


Watch out for new collections you won't find anywhere else! My booth is located in one of the middle aisles. (You'll see it from the entrance)

Also joining the bazaar are your favorite multiply stores Baubles Bangles n Beads and Ichigo Shoes!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Dresses on teeny tiny dress forms!

Only one of each. Go grab em now.

Note: The first pic is the actual necklace. All pendants in this album are sold as necklaces like the first pic.

Materials: Polymer clay pendant, organza ribbon, black velvet-coated rubber cord
Dimensions: Pendants are approximately 1.5 inches long, necklace is 16 inches long.

Price: P350 each

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

Hello! I'm Angeli, and I turned 22 last summer. I've been crafting since I was 0.

Crochet, cross stitch, paper mache, beading, sewing, embellishment. You name it, i've done it. It shouldn't be a surprise, since I come from a family who can make clever things with their hands.

My lolo, mom's dad, is a fine craftsman. He can whip up anything out of wood and metal! He has a knack for turning junk into treasure, refusing to throw out broken objects and ingeniously reconstructing them into something new.

My mom is an all-around crafter, and i guess it was her creativity that rubbed off on me. She taught me how to crochet, to do cross-stitch, to sew by hand, and even how to use our ancient sewing machine. I remember how I'd get in the way help out with her projects as a kid. We would buy ribbons and lace and fake little flowers from a ribbon place called Zuniga's, then embellish tiny little baskets and miniature fans made of bamboo(?). I was about six or seven years old that time, and it was pure crafting bliss. Until now some of those projects are displayed at my mom and dad's place.

My dad is also an artist. Not a lot of people know about that because he doesn't really use his artistic skills like my mom and I do. Dad's a talented painter and he's really good at drawing, but I haven't seen him pick up a brush or pencil in ages! When I was a kid, he bought me a pretty coloring book and a watercolor set. A few times he would paint on some of the pages, transforming the blank two dimensional pictures into works of art.

Ironically, it's my mom who paints now. She picked up the brush about a year ago and paints in her free time, which she doesn't have a lot of.

I, on the other hand, have all the free time in the world. I graduated from college a year ago, after taking up BS Development Communication and majoring in Journalism at UP Los Banos. I worked as editorial assistant for Real Living magazine for a year. But even if it was such a cool job - flexible time, no dress code, lots of freebies and travelling opportunities - I let it go to fulfill a dream. Stupid, you'd think. But it was the best decision I've ever made.

I quit my day job to become a full-time crafter.

And now I am living a dream.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've got MALE

Tribesman impressed on black clay with copper highlights.

Pendant is 2.25 inches long.
Cord is 36 inches long.

Can be worn as choker or long necklace.

A lot of my guy friends, and the boyfriends of my customers, have been bugging me to please make accessories for men... but i've never done an all-male collection before because it's tough designing for guys!

Male jewelry can't be too flashy, but it still has to have style. It should be straight-forward and down-to-earth, but it shouldn't be boring.

Finally, here's my attempt to appease the male crowd. More designs coming in the following weeks. One of a kind. No repeats. You won't bump into someone wearing the same thing. Once sold, they're gone.

Now it's time for you girls to do something nice for your better halves (kayo naman gumastos! lol).

Please tell your brothers, boyfriends, tsongs and pares about Angeli's Art Beads!

PRICE: 250 each
Material: Polymer clay (pendant), genuine leather (strap)

Please click on the photos to view the dimensions.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Round faux-raku pendants on authentic leather cords. The colors glisten in the light. Each pendant is hand-etched. One of a kind. No repeats.

Dimensions: 1.25in diameter
Cord: 25inches
Materials: polymer clay (pendant), leather (cord)
Price: P200 each

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Angeli's Art Beads featured in Porma Manila's Blog

"Clay can be cool!"

Thanks so much Porma Manila for promoting my work! It's really heartwarming. :)

Jewelry Making Workshop (Basic Beading)

Start:     Jul 29, '07 1:00p
Hi girls!

I am holding another basic beading workshop on July 29 (sunday) at 1 - 4pm. ONLY TWO SLOTS, so you're sure to receive personal attention.

Learn to make your own funky accessories!

Why buy when you can make them? Learn a profitable hobby this year. Learn the basics of beading!

This three-hour session will teach you everything from what type of materials to use, to where to get them, to how to make stunning pieces! Not only will you learn how to make accessories, you get to take home what you made too!

This class includes:
• A three-hour step by step lesson on:
o How to make a floating pearl necklace
o How to make chandelier earrings
o How to make gypsy bracelets
• A complete beading kit
o Includes all the materials you need:
• 3 basic pliers
• Earring components
• Bracelet components
• materials for a necklace
•Free snacks!

WHEN: July 29, 2007
WHERE: Greenhills Garden Square (along SAntolan Ave., near Camp Crame)

TWO SLOTS ONLY. Send me your email ad through PM so I can send you the reservation form and details.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


friends, customers, and lurkers,

i've been trying to get to your emails and pm's, pero mag-isa lang po kasi ako, so mabagal. to those i haven't replied to yet, sorry.  and also, there's a reason why my cel number isn't posted here, i only transact thru email. i'm working on getting a business phone soon, until then, please email me nalang. 

also, sa mga nagagalit na, please bear in mind that i get a lot of emails and pms, and i do try my best to answer, pero mag isa lang po talaga ako, so sorry kung mabagal.  sabi nga sa isang sign na nakita ko sa bank or wherever, "We are giving quality time to the customer before you, rest assured you'll receive the same.  Please wait patiently for your turn."

Hindi po ako nagsusuplada, just begging you to please wait patiently. Please? If you have no time to wait for me po, okay lang po, you can cancel naman. No hard feelings. Sorry po, wag sana magalit.

I'm closing my online shop temporarily this week, because of a family tragedy.  But I will continue working on the orders due to be sent out next week, so don't worry.  It will be hard but I'll try my best.

1.  My lola (dad's mom) is currently in the ICU, because of a kidney infection.  She's in a coma, and things aren't looking good.  They rushed her to the hospital just yesterday.  Please pray for her.  I might go home to visit, and I don't know when I'll be back.

2.  As if that's not enough, my tito (though not blood-related) died today.  Just found out this afternoon.  I'm really shocked. I just talked to him two weeks ago. I don't know the cause of death yet...

3.  And just last week, my lolo's sister (mom's side) died of cancer.  Another shocker, since they only found out she had the big c last month, or 2 months ago.

I have two funerals to attend this month.  Lord please make it just those two.