Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Candy Fair 2008

web statisticsOn October 4, 2008, we set up shop at the Candy Fair in A. Venue, Makati.

Three letters: OMG.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ambush.

Of customers, that is. :)

Here is a quick rundown of what happened during that oh-so-exciting day aka the story of why I got sick, haha). Sorry, you won't see the usual cam-whoring photos like in my other bazaar albums. Hehe. I was too busy doing demos and attending customers, there simply was no time to ham it up for the camera!

Setting up
I wasn't familiar with the venue, so I wanted to be there early. But we got lost in Makati, (stupid me forgot the map at home) and I thought we were going to be late. After navigating the maze of one-way streets, we arrived at A.Venue in the nick of time.

When we got to the venue, I couldn't find my space in the selling area. My name wasn't where it was supposed to be. Oops. Good thing Ms. Mirelle helped me sort things out. Turned out I was given an uber cool spot at the DIY Corner! (Thank you so much Ms. Kriztel!)

I shared the DIY corner with the Face Painting company, and the Henna Tattoo artists. It was perfect, because I was going to do on-the-spot demos.

Our new stuff
We launched the much-awaited Twilight Collection at the fair.

Our new Daydream necklaces (whimsical cloud necklaces) were also on display.

We also had super cute friendship rings, yummy cakes and cupcake studs - forgot to take photos. :(

Here come the Candy Girls
I was quite worried because not one of my suki customers were able to come. Huhu. But I found out my worries were unfounded, because within an hour of opening, the Twilight Collection was almost all gone. Turned out lots of Candy girls were Twihards! lol. :)

I was alone during the first part of the fair, so I couldn't take pictures. I was in panic - imagine entertaining a throng of giddy girls all at the same time! I could hardly take a second to sit down. Soon, I was pretty dizzy.

At some point, a camera was in my face, and the cute event host was interviewing me. My fugly face was on the huge screen on stage. Eeeeek. He asked about my stuff, I talked about the new Twilight collection, and the realistic dessert trinkets on display. He asked the camera man to zoom in on the yummy Bitten truffle. After that, people were trooping to my Yummy Cart and asking to see the truffles. To take a bite. haha.

MTV and TV 5 cameras were taking shots of my wares, I forgot to ask what shows those were for.

I probably made lots of new clayaholics. Lol. The Sculpeyman's polymer clay bars were on display at my booth, and I was doing demos on how to make clay roses and lollipops. It was so nice to see lots of teens interested in clay.

The Yummy Cart
I have to say this again, my lolo is a genius! hehe. I love, love, love the Yummy Cart! And so did the Candy girls. :) A few of them whipped out their cameras and took photos of the booth. Some posed in groups in front of the cart and snapped away. It was funny!

The bands
The bands were awesome! But I couldn't pay attention because there were still some customers gathering around the booth even as the bands were playing. They had to scream over the racket to inquire, and I had to scream back the price. "P350 for the necklace!!!", lol.

By the end of it all, I went home very cold, very hoarse, but extremely happy. I got to meet lots of new people, met lots of multiply contacts, and hopefully, inspired a few teens to start a new hobby.

And oh, we sold almost everything we brought! yey! :)

My deepest thanks to Candy Mag, Ms. Denise Congco, Ms. Mia Custodio, Ms. Mirelle Quizon, and most especially to Ms. Kriztel Lorbes, who made the event such a huge success.

More photos of the crazy, crazy Candy Fair below.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The vampires are coming...

A couple of months ago, my cousin made a sleepless monster: me.

Knowing that I had a love affair with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in high school, she suggested I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

I didn't like the first book all that much, and in fact found it a bit childish (well, it's YA after all), but the second installment kept me engrossed, so I read the third, and the fourth (which I hated - I'm pretending book 3 was the last of the series, lol.).  For fear of turning this into a boring book review, I will only say this: 

I heart Jacob Black.

So a month ago, I made simple sketches of things I'd like to wear to be reminded of the kilig Bella-Jacob moments in the second book.  But my cuz suggested I make an entire collection.

So here's a preview of the Twilight Collection, inspired by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

Go Team Jacob!

To be fair (hehe), here's the Team Edward version:

Are you also a Twi-hard?  Or do you know someone who loves the series?  Please visit our Yummy Cart at the Candy Fair tomorrow, these Twilight-inspired clay accessories will be displayed there.  Only limited pieces available.

Candy Fair 2008!

Start:     Oct 4, '08 1:00p
End:     Oct 4, '08 9:00p
Location:     A. Venue along Makati Ave.

Please look for our yummy cart, near the Jail Booth, lol. :p

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Fair 2008!

We had such a blast at the Candy Fair last year that we decided to join again this year.  Please visit our booth, lots of new stuff will be launched tomorrow.

For directions on how to get there, please click on the image below:

See you there!

Thanks to Ms. Kriztel and Ms. Mirelle of Summit Media.