Sunday, April 29, 2007

My work got featured in Manila Bulletin today

Section M (Leisure section)

My first ever full-length newspaper feature.  Sobrang nakakataba ng puso.

Pasensya na kayo kung lagi kong nirereport pag may feature about my beads, I'm really excited about these things because this has never happened to me before.

Sorry, no photo yet, my scanner's not installed...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

koalaph custom orders - Angeli's cupcakes and fruits
Brenda went crazy over her cupcake and fruit bracelets!

Rockwell Urban Market

Start:     May 12, '07 01:00a
End:     May 13, '07
Location:     Rockwell Tent
Rockwell’s upcoming bazaar, aptly named Urban Market, is an ideal destination for those looking to shop for stylish yet sensible items or those who simply want to take a break from the usual “retail scene.” Inspired by cosmopolitan city street markets such as London ’s Portobello Road and Brick Lane, the Rockwell Urban Market is a fusion of city chic and rustic warmth.

Catch Angeli's Art Beads with Silly Me Clothing! BBB and Ichigo Shoes will also be there.
Be captivated by the variety of products from established brands, young entrepreneurs and new players in the retail panorama. Anticipate seeing a great mix of original and stylish fashions, beauty, home items and more. Moms in particular will find plenty to enjoy, as the Urban Bazaar is set on May 12-13…Mother’s Day weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A short clip from The Sweet Life Episode

I was invited to demonstrate a craft project (photo transfer coaster) on Lucy's new show in QTV. This was shown last May 15 - but I didn't get to see the edited version. This short video is the part after the project demo, where I introduce the jewelry.

It was so surreal being in that GMA studio!

Thanks to Ms. Ed of QTV.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Biggest break ever!

I'm soooo happy! My dreams are finally coming true! I started this business when I was 17 years old, the summer before sophomore year. Now, five years later, my hopes are slowly turning into reality. Thanks to everyone who has supported me since day one. My ates in the business who i look up to. And thanks to the new friends I've met here in multiply, specially to my regular customers.

Sorry for not replying to your texts yesterday, i was busy preparing for a taping. Panic mode ako the whole day so couldn't get to your texts and pms. will write about that later, after they've shown the episode already. nadala na ko sa news central (which is yet to be shown by the way).

Anyway, announcement. Angeli's Art Beads will be closed for the week. You can still send in your orders, i just wouldn't be able to reply for a time. I have a super hectic sked this week: interview for a newspaper, bazaar on friday till sunday, and workshop on sunday.

I'll be back online on Monday - hopefully with new stuff.

Till then! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lara on US Girls

Putol ulit. sorry

Pao on Us Girls!

Sorry po, naputol. mahaba pa dapat to.

Gas Station Babe

Every night, I get off a bus from Ortigas and walk to Santolan Rd. on the way home. At the corner is a gas station where i wait for a jeep byaheng Adamson.

And every night, almost without fail, I see this scene pictured at left.

I don't know what to make of it. Either she is a bad mom, using her baby to gain pity from the passersby. Or she simply has no one to leave her baby with, so she has no choice but to bring her to "work".

She is a sampaguita vendor. Though more often than not, it's her older kid - a small kid whose height could pass for a three year old, but could be as old as 5 - who does the selling. This kid fearlessly rushes to oncoming cars, peddling sampaguita strands to the passengers.

The scene reminds me of a promise I made to a couple of kids when I was back in college. There were two young brothers (vendors of bottled water) who I befriended in Freedom Park a few years ago. As a school project, I interiewed them and got to know about the sorry state of their lives. Their story is familiar, because you've heard it countless of times. Probably not the exact same tale, but some factors are recurring. Both were brilliant in school, but had to stop because his parents didn't have enough money to send him even to public school. Besides, he said, instead of going to school, he could use the time to sell water and buko juice.

The young idealist that I was back then
told them I would help them. But I never came around to doing it because I didn't know how. I offered them a job - maybe to pack things for me when orders come in, just so they wouldn't have to carry the heavy ice box in the sweltering heat anymore. But their parents wouldn't hear any of it, thinking I was part of a sindikato gang or something. I should've thought of other ways, but I didn't.

Now, a few years later, I finally know what to do. (Thanks to a fellow multiply seller who answered my makulit questions. salamat po Leyende). I've been wanting to do this for years, but I just didn't know how to work it out. Maybe it will never help the two brothers directly, but it will help others like them and like the children of the Gas Station Babe.


(So for instance, if you buy a message jewelry worth P350, P52.50 will go to UNICEF. If you buy worth P1,000, P150 will be donated in your name.)


This is a simple and effortless way for YOU to help. I hope you support this simple project. Please shop here:

*This isn't an official tie-up with unicef, so no freebies po. sorry.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A guy beader! so cool...
I rarely meet a guy who's also into beads.

(apart from my brother who is super creative and completely straight)

Just found his link when he viewed my site. He makes cool necklaces! galeng!

My friends are on US Girls! Go watch now na!

Baubles Bangles and Beads and Silly Me Clothing are on tonight's episode of Us Girls!  now na!

Where do i input a javascript code on multiply?

I'm trying to add a page view counter for my homepage... it requires a javascript code to be encrypted on the html do i do that???

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I don't know how to say this nicely...

It's frustrating to keep repeating oneself.

Please don't ask "how much?" if the price is already indicated in the captions or in the album description.

Please don't ask "meron pa ba nito?" if it's labelled "sold out".

And please send me the list of your orders through personal message or email. It's hard to keep track if you just post "paorder nito" in every album. I feel like a saleslady running around the department store, waiting on hundreds of customers at a time. Mahina po ang kalaban. Please refer to this link for ordering procedures:

Also please please make sure you'll buy the item before you reserve it. Or at least tell me if you're cancelling your order. I really appreciate the customers who inform me that they won't be getting the stuff anymore. It's okay to cancel the order. Just don't wait for weeks to go by. 3 days max for reservations.

thanks girls. hope you understand.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Start:     Apr 21, '07 4:00p
Location:     Casa Nueva, Mangga St., New Manila (Near Betty Go Belmonte Station)
You are invited to a TRUNK SHOW on April 21, 2007!

WHERE: Casa Nueva, Mangga Street, New Manila (near Betty Go Belmonte LRT Station)
WHEN: 4pm onwards, Saturday, April 21
RSVP: Angeli through 0915-561-5586

An entirely new shopping experience awaits you. Angeli’s Art Beads, Baubles Bangles and Beads, Ichigo Shoes, and Silly Me Clothing unveil their new collections for the summer! Grab bold art jewelry and accessory holders at a discounted price! Get unique hand-painted summer bangles and cutesy shoes. Plus cool belts and summer wear will also be on display. Snacks will be served while you shop!

What is a trunk show?
A trunk show is a special fashion event where an artist or designer puts on a special display of her latest collections for a private viewing.

Why go to a trunk show?
It’s your chance to grab the coolest finds before they are even released in the market! Be the first to wear a design no one else on the planet has yet.

Trunk Show announced on!
The gang's trunk show on Saturday is on Shopcrazy!

Thanks so much KV!:)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally online again...

Hi girls!  SOrry for not logging in since wednesday, super busy with work, the bazaar, and custom orders...

I will reply to your pms, pahintay lang po... will read them all one by one.

To those who paid last week, i'm shipping your orders tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Watch out for Angeli's Art Beads on News Central this Monday

My first ever...

Last Tuesday, I got a text from Ms Candy of Studio 23 asking if they could feature my products on News Central.

Super excited yet super busy with other stuff, I agreed to an 11am shoot the following day. It was our turnover that Tuesday so we were expected to do overtime work in the office.  I didn't get home till around 1 am Wednesday.

I was dead tired, but I had to make new stuff because Mykee (yo Mykers!) wiped out my stocks last weekend. Unless I wanted an empty display, I had to stay up till around 6 am, hunched over my beads and clay. When I woke up, I had two huge screaming zits on my face. Grrrrrr. AND I didn't own any makeup.

Good thing Lara of Silly Me Clothing dropped by and helped this jittery girl with powder and blush. I'm worried that I might look like a zombie on TV though, since I almost had no makeup on. Oh well.
My deepest thanks to Ms Candy of News Central for giving me this opportunity.

AND special thanks to Lara for staying with me throughout the entire thing.
Lara even helped me setup my display! And even entertained the Studio 23 people because I was too nervous to think properly. eheh. Diyahe talaga. It wouldn't have gone smoothly without you!

Who sent me gcash?

Aside from Phoenuiqx, who else sent me gcash?

I can't reply to your inquiries/texts right now...

My dear customers,

it's been one hell of a day for me .... will make kwento later.

Please don't text or call me on my cellphone muna... on my way to another shoot. 

waaaaaa, if only i had a clone.

will text/pm you all later when i get home from work.

don't worry, by the last week of april, i'll have more time to entertain you.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Online forum for Philippine Beaders
I started this online forum back in college, and i almost completely forgot about it.

If you have lots of questions about where to get materials, what books or magazines to buy, or simply looking for others who share your passion for beads, then visit the site and register. There are lots of helpful info there! Get to know your fellow Pinoy beaders, learn about the latest materials, and get lots of good newbie info!

Help make the local beading scene more colorful! Join us at beadfreaks. :)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Learn to make beads (Polymer Clay Class)

Start:     Apr 14, '07 1:00p
Location:     Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High St., Fort Bonifacio
I am finally holding lessons about polymer clay art!

WHERE: Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High St.
WHEN: April 14 (Saturday)
TIME: 1 to 4pm
PRICE: P3,500

The workshop fee includes 8 bars of clay (see pic at left), tools, and snacks. Learn to make your own clay beads today!

*Maximum of 6 students. Reserve your slot now - full payment required for reservation. Email me at

Jewelry Making Workshop (Basic Beading)

Start:     Apr 29, '07 01:00a
Location:     Greenhills Garden Square, Santolan Ave. (near Camp Crame)
Hi girls!

I am holding another basic beading workshop on April 29 (sunday) at 9 - 12 am.

Details as follows:

Learn to make your own funky accessories!

Why buy when you can make them? Learn a profitable hobby this summer. Learn the basics of beading!

This three-hour session will teach you everything from what type of materials to use, to where to get them, to how to make stunning pieces! Not only will you learn how to make accessories, you get to take home what you made too!

This class includes:
• A three-hour step by step lesson on:
o How to make a floating pearl necklace
o How to make chandelier earrings
o How to make gypsy bracelets
• A complete beading kit
o Includes all the materials you need:
• 3 basic pliers
• Earring components
• Bracelet components
• materials for a necklace
•Free snacks!

WHEN: April 29, 2007
WHERE: Greenhills Garden Square (along SAntolan Ave., near Camp Crame)

Limited slots only. Send me your email ad through PM so I can send you the reservation form and details.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Multiply question... Help!

1. How do i rearrange the folders on my homepage?  When i do rearrange them, sa photos page lang lumalabas yung new order, the homepage stays the same.... help!

2.  How do i add another element to my homepage?  For example, i need another parang blog folder... how?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Long Weekend

It's finally here.

5 long days of nothing but pure beading bliss.

No beach for me.  No DVD marathon either.  You might think that's boring, but i just can't wait to sit down at my beading table and work on my clay.  I didn't even think twice before turning down a trip to the beach with my cousins. (Sowee!)

I read somewhere that when Bill Gates started Microsoft, he never took a single vacation for three years.  He was all business, putting the company first before his personal life.  I'm not planning to do something that extreme, but you know what I mean. 

I stocked up on supplies before all the stores closed for the holy week.  I hope i didn't forget to buy anything.

Watch out for my new stuff this easter! :)

Kayo, where will you be? :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Birthday sale!

Start:     Apr 10, '07 01:00a
Turning 22...

and posting 22 stuff at a discounted price!

Mark your calendars!

Bazaar at Ayala Alabang Cuenca Covered Court

Start:     Apr 14, '07 09:00a
End:     Apr 15, '07
Location:     Ayala Alabang Village
See my new stuff at the Ayala Alabang bazaar! I'm sharing a booth with Baubles Bangles and beads. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Learn to make CLAY BEADS

I am finally holding lessons about polymer clay art!

WHERE: Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High St.
WHEN: April 14 (Saturday)
TIME: 1 to 4pm
PRICE: P3,500

The workshop fee includes 8 bars of clay (see pic at left), tools, and snacks. Learn to make your own clay beads today!

*Maximum of 6 students. Reserve your slot now - full payment required for reservation. Email me at