Thursday, September 27, 2007


For the dog lovers. :-)

Again, you saw it here first!

Prices indicated in the captions.

POODLE STUDS colors available for custom orders:
-chocolate brown
-dark brown

Have your baby's name engraved at the back or below the poodle! :) (Times new roman font size 12)

Here at Angeli's Art Beads, we value high-quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Our clay beads won't break easily, our varnish isn't sticky, and we've upgraded our chains so they're lead-free. :-)

All about florals CLOSED

Intricate pendant hangs from a gold plated chain and embellished with a filigree disc and pearl.

RESERVED for ms jaclyn

And you thought florals meant pastels. This collection is all about drama - a rich gold punctuated with silver, or a gorgeous black with intricate gold imprints.

Perfect for dressing up a simple outfit, and pretty enough for semi-formals.

I haven't had the time to name them yet, temporary nicknames muna.

Prices already indicated in the captions.

Here at Angeli's Art Beads, we value high-quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Our clay beads won't break easily, our varnish isn't sticky, and we've upgraded our chains so they're lead-free. :-)

Post-Candy Fair uploads

Mga tira ng Candy Fair

Clay studs!

Prices are already in the captions. :-)

Here at Angeli's Art Beads, we value high-quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Our clay beads won't break easily, our varnish isn't sticky, and we've upgraded our chains so they're lead-free. :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Candy Fair 2007

I have never felt as old and out of touch with the "young ones" as I did last Saturday. Hell, I'm only 22!

But with pretty high-school-aged girls screaming their hearts out at bands I barely knew, it wasn't hard to feel ancient. I guess what the Cosmo Bachelor Bash was to me last year (didn't go this year), Candy Fair was to them.

The kids mobbed around Sam as he signed autographs, and swooned as he sang onstage. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about, as I couldn't remember being super kilig when I was at that age.

So I asked my cousin Kristine, who was also as old-ish as I was, "Nung time natin, who made us kilig?" "Patrick Garcia," she answered. And then I understood. I remembered how it was being thirteen and giggly and gaga over cute celebs. PG was my ultimate crush back then, up until I was college age. haha.

The event was a new experience for me, as most of the bazaars I joined were usually purely shopping events. I was ngarag as usual - didn't sleep a wink the night before as I was beading like crazy. My display cabinet was too bulky for the space provided, so I had to use tables instead. So my display sorta looked jumbled and unattractive, but it didn't matter in the end because the Candy girls were trooping to my space nonetheless. It was fun watching them ooh and ahh over the cupcakes, cakes, and frappes.

But I lost a cupcake. :( We don't know if it was stolen, or if the person just didn't realize na hindi pa pala bayad. :( Grabe kasi ang excitement nung mga kids.

And oh, I met Chynna for the first time! She was so sweet. :) She bought a cupcake and cake necklace from me. Her Stellar booth never ran out of customers!

Here are some nakaw pics, taken from Abby and Mai, and Ms Denz of Heartspeak ( Super salamat po sa pics! Wasn't able to get pics from my cam because I forgot to unload the card. argh. Sayang. Wala tuloy kaming pic nila Silly Me, Ichigo and BBB.

Thanks to Brenda, Abby, and Mai who boxed out all the others and hoarded my goodies. They were there pretty early! Kung wala kayong naabutan na cupcakes, cakes, and frappes, sila ang may kasalanan! lol.

Thanks also to all the Candy girls who I met, and to multiply contacts who bought and to everyone who approached me to introduce themselves.

Cheers to Candy Mag and Mirelle! :)

more pics here:

First call for Christmas orders!

Hello dear friends, customers, and lurkers!

As Christmas is fast approaching, big orders have started to pour in.  I don't want any of you to miss out on the goodies, so I am opening three batches for Christmas orders.  This means you can now order customized pieces again. :)

Also, I am joining a few bazaars this season, so it's easier to get hold of my goodies.

Please take note of the following schedule for Angeli's Art Beads:

  • September 26 to October 1: Open for custom orders (First batch)
  • October 21: Global Pinoy Bazaar (Rockwell Tent)
  • October 22 to 27: Open for custom orders (Second batch)
  • November 1 to 16: Shop closed (Vacation)
  • November 19 to 23: Open for custom orders (Last batch!)
  • December 1 & 2: St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar (AAV)
The dates in between will be my working days - time reserved for creating your orders and items for the bazaar.  So most likely, i will close the online store during those dates in between.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jodi Santamaria wore her Angeli earrings on That's My Doc

I got a couple of texts last night telling me to watch That's My Doc on ABS-CBN (thanks xtine and achie pao!) kasi nakita raw nila na suot ni Ms Jodi yung huge Platito earrings sa commercial. So I rushed home and turned on the TV just in time to see her stroll into the scene.

Eto po yung video:

Guesting on Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, ABS-CBN

Start:     Sep 30, '07 08:30a
They're featuring Angeli's Art Beads on Kabuhayang Swak na Swak this Sunday (tama po ba, Sunday ang KSnS?).

Mejo nawindang ako sa mga tanong, kasi seryoso. hehe.

She's addicted to my goodies
Si Mai.


See her growing collection here:

Salamat mai!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Early entrepreneurship

All entrepreneurs had to start from somewhere. Before the big players became big, before the tycoons had their empires, before the malls became chains, they had to start from scratch. For National Bookstore, it was Nanay Coring’s small home-based sari-sari store. For Bench, it was Ben Chan’s tiny rack inside SM Department Store. For SM, it was a small shoe store in Cubao.

For me, everyting started in school.

I made my first 25 centavos when I was in elementary. Stationery were all the rage when I was young, so mini me thought it would be a good idea to sell some to a classmate when I was in grade one or two. But it wasn’t your ordinary sheet of “statio”, as we called it. It was merely a photocopy of one of my favorite sheets. Funny, because the copy was of course a black and white version of the original, but I managed to sell it to a classmate! Even funnier, because the cost of having the piece of statio copied was exactly 25 cents, so I never made any profit.

Oh yes, stationery was the “in” thing when I was in grade school. There was something about those sheets of colorful, scented paper that made little girls hoard like crazy. I remember having a drawer-full of statio in every shape and color, and I treasured them like they were endangered species. The way I was saving each piece, DENR would have been proud. I never used them to write letters (except maybe for the very special occasions, such as thanking a tita for a new set of stationery). Heck, I even considered doctor’s prescription pads as precious!

I wasn’t the only one crazy over those cute little pieces of paper, my cousins were too. During the summer when school was over, we’d usually while away the hours in the family compound in Pasig. And what else would keep little girls busy but play tinde-tindera?

We’d “display” our stash of stationery in my cousins’ second-floor living room where we had our own little patches of real estate. We’d sit cross-legged on the floor, with our “stocks” spread out in front of us. Little pieces of folded paper which looked like little rooftops proudly announced “5c each”. There were only three of us girl cousins that time and everyone wanted to be tindera. So that inconveniently left us with no customers, except for my poor little brother, who had to be bullied to join us.

Twelve years later, I am still playing tinde-tindera. I still sit cross legged on the floor in front of my stocks, to secure them inside tiny Ziploc bags before a bazaar. I still write the prices on little pieces of paper, but now stylish enough for posh boutiques. I still display my stocks in little patches of real estate, but they are now called booths, and they cost a hell lot of money. My cousins still become tindera at some of my bazaars, but most of the time they are now my customers.

A few days ago, my cousin Kristine helped me man my booth during the Lifestyle Network Bazaar. Para lang tayong naglalaro no?,” she said. I had to laugh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pia Guanio wears Angeli earrings on 24 Oras

Thanks to Achie Pao who caught this on tape! Hindi ko naabutan.

Mabilis lang kasi hinagilap niya pa yung digicam. haha, thanks achie!

Kids on Q taping

With my eyes still puffy from lack of sleep, I had to face the camera for an interview with Kids on Q. Kaya pasensya na kung mukha na naman akong uhaw ha, wala pa pong tulog talaga.

It was fun meeting Arya and Ella, two of the kiddie hosts. Shucks, ang bilis nila magmemorize ng lines!!! nakakabilib!

Thanks po to the staff of Kids on Q! Thank you for this opportunity na mafeature sa isang kiddie show. :)

Please watch the episode on Saturday, Sept 22, at 10am.

The Lifestyle Network Bazaar

Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth! Hope you love your Angeli items! congrats sa mga nakahabol sa cupcakes and cakes! hehe.

Kids on Q Guesting

Start:     Sep 22, '07 10:00a

I teach Ella how to make a yummy chocolate pendant. Watch kayo ha? :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Candy Fair!

Start:     Sep 22, '07
Location:     NBC Tent, The Fort
This year's ultimate Candy get-together is happening

on Sept. 22, 2007

at the NBC Tent

from 1:00pm to 9:00pm

I will be selling my jewelry there! See you!

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Nature Series coming soon

This photo-transferred image of a bird (created by Lai Reyes) rests on a 2.5 inch polymer clay disc embellished with a brass-plated scallop chain and a lacy metal disc. It hangs on a brass-plated chain with a rare infinity pattern - so-called because of its figure 8 links.

This collection features a series of images created by talented young graphic designer Lai Reyes.

Watch out for it!

All images come in very limited pieces, but all in different necklace or earring designs. All pieces are one of a kind!

The necklaces below are already available, grab em now. More designs coming next week. Pre-orders are also accepted, so reserve yours today.

Click the image to see description. Price already indicated in the caption.

You found them here first at Angeli's!

Sweet Sexy Thang Bazaar by Lifestyle Network and Metro

Start:     Sep 15, '07
Location:     Hotel Intercon
Sweet Sexy Thang!

A delicious bazaar brought to you by:

Lifestyle Network
Metro Magazine
Chalk Magazine

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ang Pinaka Top 10 Fabulous Fashion Finds episode

Thanks Achie Joyce for the pics, and Achie Pao for the video (na 101 years bago maupload).

Thanks to Ang Pinaka of QTV 11.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

New mannequins!

Organize your jewelry on these pretty little tabletop dress forms! Keep your necklaces untangled and prettify your dresser in the process.

These mini mannequins are the perfect displays for your shop too! We supply some of the upscale boutiques around the Metro. My mini mannequins have also been featured in Real Living and Candy Mag as great additions to your home interiors.

The dimensions are already indicated in the photos. Please send me an email ( to inquire about the prices.

We also accept bulk orders. (Christmas is coming!)

Styling tips

These babies can hold multiple necklaces - even the long ones! Simply wind your long necklaces around the mannequin's neck, as i did with the neckpieces in the pictures.

The wired mannequin (5th pic) is the most versatile design. Aside from necklaces and bracelets, you can hang earrings on the wires!