Friday, November 30, 2012


Here's another project I've taken on those months I've gone MIA. Remember early this year, I posted a hint here that I was working on a new material? hihi. Well I actually started lampworking. Lampworking is an ancient art form. It is the art of melting glass on a flame, and manipulating it using gravity and tools. It became popular in Murano, Italy in the 14th century. Early lampworkers melted glass using an oil lamp, thus the term lampworking. Today, it is called flameworking, as we now use a torch. I bought the glass way back in January 2008, but only got to work on them February 2009. lol. It's so friggin scary and exciting, it's like my own private roller coaster. I never thought creating a glass bead could be so complicated. I'm still a long way from creating decent beads. Anyone else into lampworking? I'd love to exchange notes, I badly need guidance! I suck! Will blog about this when I have time. (Adding it to the long list of things I need to blog about. When will I blog again, I wonder. sigh) Before you ask, i'm not selling yet. I'm still waiting for my kiln, so I can anneal the beads properly. Without proper annealing, the glass could break easily. So my beads have been patiently waiting for 7 months. Watch out for glass cupcakes! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop with Beadlady

I am teaching an extensive polymer clay workshop for beginners on July 23.

2 slots available.

Please email for info.

Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop with Beadlady

Start:     Jul 23, '11
Location:     The Beadlady Craft Cafe, Cubao Expo
I am teaching an extensive polymer clay workshop for beginners on July 23.

2 slots available.

Please email for info.

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild at the UP Bahay ng Alumni

Start:     Jul 16, '11 10:00a
End:     Jul 16, '11 7:00p
Location:     UP Diliman (Bahay ng Alumni)
I am displaying my handmade stuff at The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild event at the UP Bahay ng Alumni (in cooperation with Triple Treat Tiangge) this Saturday July 16!

See you there! Free entrance!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cameo earrings

Sweet cameo stud earrings in yummy colors.

Handmade with polymer clay and lots of love.

Price: P120

1 Gold
2 Blue on blue
3 Light blue
4 Light pink

Product Options
3 Light bluePhp 150
2 Blue on bluePhp 150
1 GoldPhp 150
4 Light pinkPhp 150

Thursday, June 23, 2011


These adorable 2D cupcake necklaces are back!

Handmade by yours truly using polymer clay and lots of love.

They hang from a 20-inch, US-made ball chain, with a sweet and sheer polkadot ribbon.

Choose from three available flavors (ready to be shipped):
Pink and Blue (Photo # 2) SOLD
Pink and Green (Photo # 3)
Pink and White (Photo # 4)
Blue Frosting and Pink Base (Photo # 5)
Party Cupcake (Photo # 6)

Product Options
Pink and Blue (Photo # 2)Php 290
Blue Frosting and Pink Base (Photo # 5)Php 290
Pink and Green (Photo # 3)Php 290
Party Cupcake (Photo # 6)Php 290
Pink and White (Photo # 4)Php 290

Monogram Bookmarks

Bling your books with personalized monogram bookmarks!

Choose your letter and the color of the monogram (Blue, Pink, Gold, Purple, or Green on a white tile) by choosing from the options above. Ships in 1 week.

Product Options
K, BluePhp 160
P, BluePhp 160
Q, PinkPhp 160
Q, GreenPhp 160
W, GreenPhp 160
W, BluePhp 160
J, PinkPhp 160
S, PurplePhp 160
Q, BluePhp 160
R, BluePhp 160
R, PinkPhp 160
N, PinkPhp 160
L, PurplePhp 160
Z, PinkPhp 160
S, PinkPhp 160
X, PurplePhp 160
V, BluePhp 160
V, GoldPhp 160
J, GreenPhp 160
I, GreenPhp 160
J, PurplePhp 160
T, BluePhp 160
C, BluePhp 160
N, PurplePhp 160
M, GreenPhp 160
W, PurplePhp 160
R, GoldPhp 160
I, GoldPhp 160
B, PurplePhp 160
D, GreenPhp 160
Q, PurplePhp 160
V, PurplePhp 160
X, PinkPhp 160
D, PinkPhp 160
S, GreenPhp 160
Y, PinkPhp 160
X, BluePhp 160
P, PinkPhp 160
V, PinkPhp 160
C, GoldPhp 160
I, PurplePhp 160
F, PinkPhp 160
P, GoldPhp 160
N, GoldPhp 160
F, BluePhp 160
U, PinkPhp 160
A, GreenPhp 160
Z, GreenPhp 160
N, BluePhp 160
X, GreenPhp 160
E, PurplePhp 160
H, GreenPhp 160
O, GreenPhp 160
L, PinkPhp 160
O, PinkPhp 160
H, PinkPhp 160
M, PurplePhp 160
K, PinkPhp 160
R, GreenPhp 160
T, PinkPhp 160
I, PinkPhp 160
B, BluePhp 160
A, PinkPhp 160
P, GreenPhp 160
H, PurplePhp 160
Y, GoldPhp 160
F, GreenPhp 160
G, BluePhp 160
A, BluePhp 160
M, BluePhp 160
G, PurplePhp 160
T, GoldPhp 160
U, GoldPhp 160
O, PurplePhp 160
C, PinkPhp 160
M, GoldPhp 160
E, GoldPhp 160
A, PurplePhp 160
B, GreenPhp 160
Q, GoldPhp 160
H, BluePhp 160
U, BluePhp 160
O, GoldPhp 160
S, GoldPhp 160
E, GreenPhp 160
P, PurplePhp 160
T, PurplePhp 160
K, PurplePhp 160
U, PurplePhp 160
C, PurplePhp 160
G, GoldPhp 160
E, BluePhp 160
K, GreenPhp 160
Z, BluePhp 160
G, PinkPhp 160
C, GreenPhp 160
B, PinkPhp 160
Z, GoldPhp 160
F, PurplePhp 160
H, GoldPhp 160
S, BluePhp 160
R, PurplePhp 160
I, BluePhp 160
Y, PurplePhp 160
K, GoldPhp 160
D, GoldPhp 160
L, GreenPhp 160
J, GoldPhp 160
V, GreenPhp 160
Y, GreenPhp 160
L, BluePhp 160
W, GoldPhp 160
N, GreenPhp 160
O, BluePhp 160
L, GoldPhp 160
Z, PurplePhp 160
M, PinkPhp 160
T, GreenPhp 160
A, GoldPhp 160
F, GoldPhp 160
X, GoldPhp 160
U, GreenPhp 160
Y, BluePhp 160
W, PinkPhp 160
G, GreenPhp 160
E, PinkPhp 160
D, BluePhp 160
B, GoldPhp 160
J, BluePhp 160
D, PurplePhp 160