Sunday, November 19, 2006

Out of reach and need help!

It's another hectic work week, so I won't be able to answer your queries here.  
It's our turnover (read: press work) at the office tomorrow,
and it'll probably end in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday.
Then i'll be out for meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For those who have paid for their orders (in full), you'll receive
them on Thursday, at the latest. I finally completed your orders
today. whew. i am including some nice freebies for you girls, for the long
wait. hope you like them.ü

For those who haven't deposited their payments yet, I won't start
working on your orders until you do so.

I'll be back online on Wednesday.

By the way, do you have direct contacts of celebs? I am in DIRE
need of direct numbers, their handlers aren't answering! Basta any
smokin' (read: sikat) celebs that you know of, patulong naman. pretty
pleeeeease. Pleeeeeeeeaassse save my life. Badly badly needed!!!

Whatdahell's wrong with my blog interface? what's with the prose-like format???
i hate the new multiply interface. :( everything's gone haywire with my account!

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm pooped

Finally had time to check this site. Remember Andy Saks in The
Devil Wears Prada? Take away all the pretty clothes, the makeup,
and the killer boots, and I would have sworn I was her this week.
Running around the city doing shoots all week, dealing with crabby shop
owners, and kissing celeb asses isn't my cup of tea. ugh.

At least my boss isn't anywhere near Miranda though. Thank
God. (But she does have her steak and unpublished harry potter
edition moments).

So for those wondering why i disappeared from cyberspace this week, now you know.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Krispy Kreme

Cuisine: Desserts
Location:The Fort
"Krispy Kreme, America’s most loved doughnut, opens in Manila!

You are hereby invited on Thursday, Nov. 30, the first Krispy Kreme store opens in Manila, at the City Center, The Fort, Taguig City (at the back of Serendra).

Opening day at a Krispy Kreme store is a fun event and we'd love to have you come by, join in the festivities and experience a Hot Original Glazed fresh off the line

Here are reasons why you familes, friends, barkadas, school and church organizations, and everybody should line up before the doors open on Nov. 30 at 8:30 a.m.

1. You will be among the first to experience the hot doughnut phenomenon and sample Hot Krispy Kreme Original glazed doughnut.
2. The first customer to ring the cash register will win a FREE ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Original Glazed doughnut, one dozen per week!
3. Free limited edition Krispy Kreme original t-shirt for the first 500 customers!
4. Lots of raffle prizes – SIX MONTHS free doughnuts, THREE MONTHS free doughnuts, and ONE MONTH free doughnuts, for the 2nd up to the 500th customers!"

All I can say is - SUGOD NA THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! hahaha. 6 months free? CRAZY!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Please confirm payment

I received gcash again, and i don't know who it's from. damn
globe. i didn't receive a message about the last gcash
transaction. if i hadn't loaded 25 worth of credits using gcash,
i wouldn't have known about my current balance!

So who else sent me gcash aside from beachjunkie/victoria, notsolillulu/lou, and thesnowqueen?

Please pm me. Pasensiya na po.

To avoid another "anonymous gcash payment" situation, please send me a
message with your multiply id, amount sent, and date of payment after sending the gcash.
just in case globe doesn't update me again.

meanwhile, i'm storming to the nearest globe center to fix this.

Cuenca Bazaar

Start:     Dec 1, '06 01:00a
End:     Dec 3, '06
Location:     Cuenca Covered Court, Ayala Alabang
My one and only bazaar this year, so it's going to be a blast!

I'll be releasing new designs here, so i hope you could come to see the new stuff. Enjoy discounts and freebies!

I'm going to Quiapo this week... may papabili kayo?

Hi everyone!

I'm going to quiapo this week to buy chains, ziploc bags, and earring
posts. Parang sayang sa effort kung ito lang bibilhin ko, so....

If you need something from Wellmanson's, please pm me. I can be
your personal bead shopper for the day! I'll just add a 15 to 20%
service charge, depending on how bulky your items are.

it's still going to turn out cheap.  for instance, a strand of
acrylic pearls worth P18 will only be P20.7.  it's cheaper than
buying from other multiply sellers (who are selling these pearls for

You can then meet me at Robinsons Galleria, or Katipunan area for your
materials. Or you can have your items shipped thru JRS express
(65pesos within metro manila for 500 grams).

So do you need anything?ü

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I can't reply right now

Hi everyone!   I'm having one hell of a busy week, so i don't have
time to go through all your personal messages and posts, super
sorry!  i'm just using my fone to email post this right now... OT
at work!

to those who have paid already, aside from beachjunkie/victoria and
notsolillulu/lou, please text me the amount you sent.  globe
doesn't send me updates! argh.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

What do you think of the new look?

I finally discovered how to edit the look of my site.  Please tell
me what you think.  Is the text still readable?  How's the
navigation?  Would appreciate your feedback!  Thanks!

Odds and Ends SOLD OUT

Super cheap! With navy blue stripes.

this is 2 inches long.

I was cleaning out my bead station today, and i found a lot of extra beading materials that i haven't touched and have no plans of using. The impulsive shopper in me sometimes gets out of control in a bead store, thus my huge collection of beads and materials.

Consider this the garage sale of beads... To rid myself of bead junk, i'm posting some stuff here at bargain prices. I'm selling some of the stuff for the same price I bought them for, while others at palugi prices. I just need to get rid of these, so please help! hehe.

You'll also find some handmade clay beads that I made a few months back. Stock up!

Please click thumbnail for prices and description. See this link for ordering info:

Thursday, November 2, 2006

More Art Jewelry

These can be made into earrings, cellphone charms, or pendants. Coated with varnish and dusted with gold powder at the back. The charms are 1.5 inches long and 0.9inches wide.

Earrings - P150
Cellphone charm - P150
Pendant - P150

More clay treasures from my oven! I started making these pretty photo-transfer charms three years ago. It has since evolved from jewelry pieces to home stuff such as photo coasters.

I currently have 3 collections: Lights, Camera, Action; Innocence; and Booklovers.

The Lights, Camera, Action collection features movie posters, mugshots, and memorabilia from Hollywood. On the other hand, the Innocence collection features children from different centuries. The Booklovers collection features book covers and characters from different novels.

Want a personalized charm? I accept custom orders. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for special requests.

Please click the thumbnails to view description. See this link for ordering info:
These can be made into earrings, cellphone charms, or pendants. Coated with varnish and dusted with gold powder at the back. The charms are 1.5 inches long and 0.9inches wide.


Plain (like first pic)

Earrings - P200
Cellphone charm - P150
Necklace - P250

Special (like second pic)

Cellphone charm/keychain - P300
Necklace - P350

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Angeli's Gifts-on-a-Budget
Since most of us are usually on a budget, I created a new site where you can shop according to price points. All the items in my new site are grouped according to their price. Very handy when you're looking for, say, a 20-peso gift for Chris Cringle, or a 200-peso item for the office exchange-gift.

See you there!

Who wants to receive my newsletter?

A lot of you have been sending me pm's asking about new uploads.
I've decided to start sending out newsletters through email to keep you
girls updated about what's going to come out of my oven soon. I
might also have a few gimmicks like contests, raffles, etc. Para
masaya. hehe.

So who wants to receive newsletters twice a month? Please leave your email address here.