Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade Pilipinas: Crafting for Sustainable Development

And so it begins.

In an effort to inspire others as others have inspired me when I was starting out, I am launching a project called Handmade Pilipinas. Basically, the project entails a series of blog posts that deal with crafting as a viable source of income and crafting for sustainable development. I hope to post short articles discussing ideas on marketable craft projects you can do at home, DIY tutorials, inspiring stories from several professional crafters (aka people who make money off their crafting hobby), and practical business how-to's for the indiepreneur.

As of date, I have contacted several inspiring individuals whose stories may inspire you to start your own handmade adventure. Watch out for this series of interviews!  I have also written a series of Polymer Clay DIY tutorials and articles which will be released part by part over the coming months.

Please head over to my blog, Confessions of a Chronic Crafter.

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I am taking a break from creating stuff, I badly need to rest my fingers.  I had to make over 150 cupcakes plus the twilight stuff, my body's protesting. Hope you understand!  I won't be able to post new stuff until the end of January.

For those who were interested and have placed orders for the Twilight series, do not worry, I will try to finish everything soon.  If you no longer want your item, cancel your reservation so I may offer them to others.  If you still want your items, they're still reserved for you whether you have paid or not.

For those who have pending invitations, I have no time to go check the invites page right now, plus there are 1101 invites to go through, if you want to revoke the invite, it's okay and i'm sorry!

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a peaceful and blessed New Year!


Monday, December 1, 2008


I was very excited to upload twilight stuff today, unfortunately, my internet connection's really crappy! So I'm at a computer shop, trying to post photos, but their computer can't read my cam. Booo. :(

But the show must go on, so I am posting whatever's in my phone. I put irritating watermarks on some of the photos because the last time I posted Twilight stuff, people used the photos without crediting me!



Price: P220
Description: 1x1 inch pendants in different designs. All pendants will come with a bail attached (not seen on photo) so you can use them with any chain.
Designs available:

Bite Me
I Heart EC
Mrs Cullen
Do I dazzle you?
Be safe


16-inch sterling silver chain - add P200


Price: P700
Description: A charm necklace with "I heart EC" framed pendant (1.25 square inches) and a pewter grand piano hang on a 16-inch sterling silver chain.

Only 2 pieces available!

More items available, but no photos uploaded yet. Sorry about that, technical problems!

Here are a few teasers:

TWILIGHT PROMISE RING (2 available, 3 reserved)
Price: P100
Description: A white polymer clay band with a twilight quote from Edward, in Edward's handwriting.

I RUN WITH VAMPIRES RING (3 available, 2 reserved)
Price: P100
Description: A white polymer clay ring with the words "I run with vampires."

How to order the pendants:

1. Purchase the item from my etsy shop.
2. Pay through gcash or paypal.
3. Your order will be shipped out on December 10.

No etsy account? Simply sign up, it's free and easy.

How to order the rest of the items:

1. Since there are limited pieces available, simply post here to reserve.
2. Send gcash to 0915-561-5586.
3. Your order will be shipped on December 10.