Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Cupcakery now up, plus a preview of Bitten (not Jessica Parker's, hehe)

Nursing a cold and a very itchy, stubborn allergy.

Internet connection in the works.

Will reply to pms and comments soon.

I can't finish accepting all the invites, please don't be mad.  Accepte around 10 or 15 last night, still have 900+ to go.  Pls add askyummy.multiply.com also, she might be able to accept quicker.

Check out the cupcakery, the custom trinket bakery.

And the Bitten collection too.  No, not Jessica Parker's.  Just some good old polymer clay fun.
<img src="http://images.beadlady.multiply.com/image/2/photos/121/500x500/7/bitten.jpg?et=HbOmH1PZTeGwGyv3GAIhzw&nmid=87963474"></img>


The Bitten Collection

Truffles in every shape and flavor! They look and feel so real, you can almost taste them.*

Look at the bites and fillings - realistic texture!

(*All unscented though, because I'm allergic to the fragrances used for clay)

Sorry, these got sold at the bazaar, i only had 10 pieces.

The Cupcakery: Custom Trinket Bakery

Welcome to The Cupcakery: The Custom Trinket Bakery!

Where sweet dreams are made.


Sorry, we're fully booked.

Can’t get enough of my yummy cupcakes? Simply follow the steps, and complete the order form to get your very own cupcakes. Three sizes available. Please view our "menu" below.

Right now only cupcake custom orders are accepted. But I hope to start accepting cake orders again soon.

When the CLOSED cupcake sign is up, it means I cannot take any more orders for the mean time.

Please complete the order form below.

One order form per cupcake order.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Basic Polymer Clay Workshop

Start:     Apr 5, '08 09:00a
Location:     my residence, Pasig area
After the success of the last one, we are excited to announce a new schedule for the basic class!

The Basic Polymer Clay Workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of polymer clay art. Designed specifically for beginners, the workshop consists of easy to follow, step-by-step sessions that are completely hands-on. The Basic workshop is divided into specific segments that will tackle different techniques. All segments are hands-on, which means you can expect to create something new per segment. At the end of the session, you will be asked to create a culminating project that applies all the techniques introduced in the different topics. Although this is a basic class, the workshop is technique-based (as opposed to one-track projects), so you will be equipped with the skills to tackle more advanced projects when on your own.

For a copy of the course outline and important info, please leave a reply to this post and a representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Pinay in Action Bazaar

Goodbye bulky cabinet, I now have a candy cart! Thanks to my super duper creative lolo. I wanted a super simple one, with just a vague suggestion of it being a cart. But a true perfectionist, my lolo dismissed my protests of "ok na po yung fake lang yung gulong" or "pwede na po walang cabinet sa baba". This definitely deserves a comprehesive blog... next time.

thanks achie for letting me borrow your cam again!

My deepest gratitude to everyone who came by and introduced themselves, it's always a pleasure to finally meet the face behind the pm or text.

It was also an honor meeting Sen. Pia Cayetano. Too bad I was too shy to ask for a pic when she dropped by my booth. As most of you know, I am easily starstruck. Almost frozen to my seat, I could hardly blurt out "they're oven-baked pendants" when she asked what they were. Good thing I was able to compose myself enough to answer her next questions.

And because it was a health awareness event, there was popcorn of the healthy kind, popsicles so sweet you won't believe they're fat free, and fresh fruit shake in my favorite flavor. no bazaar will be complete without the good old food trip. :D

The Answer(er)

TONS of people have been getting frustrated because of my super slow response to inquiries, so i decided to enlist the aid of a friend.

For your inquiries, please send a pm to askyummy.multiply.com.

Add her up, she'll take care of everything when i'm not online.

For everyone wanting to add me as contact, pahintay lang po, i have 1009 invites to accept dahil naipon.